Thursday, June 6, 2013

Disclosure:  This is a product review post… I received the products mentioned below in order to facilitate my review…all opinions are 100% my own!

What goes perfect with beautiful, glowing summer skin?  A healthy, gorgeous white smile of course!  And how can you get a beautiful, healthy white smile at home?  With Rembrandt of course!

Through the years I’ve been fortunate enough to review a ton of cool products from some of the brands that I’ve used and loved for years.  To say that I’m always excited to work with one of my favorite brands is an understatement, I’m always thrilled and when one of the brands just happens to be Rembrandt, well that excitement is a tad bit higher than usual.

I’ve been an avid user and fan of the Rembrandt brand for years; I’ve tried a number or different whitening products by several different brands and I’ve yet to find one that even comes close to giving me the results, for the value, that  Rembrandt helps me achieve.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Rembrandt brand or their line of whitening products, I’d love to introduce you (and hopefully make you a lifelong fan)!

About Rembrandt…

The Rembrandt brand came about when cosmetic dentist, Dr. Robert Ibsen, noticed a need for an at-home whitening product that could not only whiten his patients teeth effectively, but also help fix some of the surface scratches, when Dr. Ibsen failed to find a product on the market that did both of those things, he created Rembrandt.  The Rembrandt line of whitening products include toothpastes, mouthwashes and whitening strips and gels that do what no other product on the market does, they whiten teeth from the inside out.


Rembrandt was kind enough to send me several of their whitening products to try out recently and while a couple were products that I already use and love, I also received a couple that are not only new to me, but new to the market as well and that I’m sure to add to my long list of favorite whitening products from Rembrandt! 

With everyone working their booties off (literally) to get in shape for the beach this summer, it only makes sense to get your smile in beach ready condition too and Rembrandt has a full line of whitening products to help you do just that…check them out!

Use the REMBRANDT® DEEPLY WHITE® Collection together to noticeably whiten teeth in two hours* and keep them white
 · DEEPLY WHITE™ 2 Hour Whitening Kit, $20
· DEEPLY WHITE™ Mouthwash, $7
· DEEPLY WHITE™ Toothpaste, $7

The REMBRANDT® INTENSE STAIN® Collection removes and repels stains like coffee, wine and tobacco, and restores enamel by strengthening teeth
· INTENSE STAIN® Stain Dissolving Strips, $20
· INTENSE STAIN® Toothpaste, $7


I mentioned above that I’ve used some of the products in the Rembrandt product line before and the Rembrandt Intense Stain toothpaste just happens to be my toothpaste of choice…all the time.  I use the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit to get my teeth gleaming white fast a couple of times a year and then I use the Rembrandt Intense Stain and Deeply White  toothpastes to keep them looking healthy and white all year long.  The Rembrandt Stain Dissolving Strips are new to me, but I already really like them and am very pleased with the results.  Rembrandt Stain Dissolving Strips are enamel-safe and they noticeably whiten tough stains like coffee and wine in as little as 2 weeks.  They are simple to use and dissolve completely in 5 – 10 minutes so you can apply and then go on with your day without having to worry about removing strips or trays—love it!  In addition to how well the Rembrandt Whitening products work for me, I feel comfortable using them because they are all safe on tooth enamel and even help to restore enamel. 

If you’re looking for a whitening brand that’s convenient and easy to use at home, effective at whitening, and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg , then you should definitely check out Rembrandt’s line of whitening products…you’ll be happy you did!  Make sure you Like Rembrandt on Facebook for the latest product news, savings and offers! 


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