Hey y'all!  I'm Allison, better known as Misadventurous Mommy around here, I'm the thirty-something wife, mom, college student, author and creator of Misadventures in Baby Raising--great to meet ya!   Together my husband and I have 6 great kids that keep us constantly on our toes!   My time is spent fixing boo boos, writing term papers, trying to manage my crazy brood, and letting y'all know all about it! 

Meet the Family

My husband Jamie and I

Our Babies

My Kiddos!

I have four great kids TayTay(15), Nanna (as the lil's lovingly call her) (12), Lil Man (6), and Lil Diva (5) and two step-children age (13 and 12)...there's always something going on at my house!  We definitely have a real life "Yours, Mine, and Ours" going on at our house--and we wouldn't want it any other way! 

In the past five years Misadventures in Baby Raising has turned into what I feel is a great resource for parents to turn to when they need an honest, thorough opinion about a product!  My love of finding and sharing great products has allowed me to work with so many amazing brands and to do so many things that I wouldn't have been able to do had I not started Misadventures!  When I review a product I test the product in as many different ways and situations as possible. I feel that if a company values my opinion enough to allow me to try a new product and tell others about it then my reviews of those products need to be complete, honest, and as thorough as possible. I review products, websites, and services that are relevant to me and my family and that I feel strongly enough about to put my name (or my blog's name as this case may be) on it.

I feel honored that you took the time to find out more about me, my blog, and my family and I hope that you will return to Misadventures in Baby Raising again soon!

Feel free to email me ( or  if you have a question or review or giveaway request you can use my form to Contact Me! 


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