Saturday, July 14, 2012

As a mother, nothing breaks my heart more than to see a child hurt or hungry, even if that child is not my own.  samaritans-purse-logo

For a little over a year, the Sudanese government has been attacking its own people in the Nuba Mountains; people have been driven from their homes, families have been broken apart and there are children suffering from malnutrition…there has to be something we can do about that…right?  I mean we live in a country where we have the power to affect change so we should take every single opportunity to do and for the people of Sudan we can…here’s how you can!

Samaritans Purse has been helping to meet the critical needs of over 200,000 Sudanese refugees at two camps that has become home to all of those families who were forced from their homes…that breaks my heart!  Sometimes I think that we take for granted all of the little things like food and shelter, but to these people, it’s those things that they most desperately need!  Check out the resources below, you can find information about how Samaritan’s Purse is helping the people of South Sudan as well as how you can do your part!

Donate to Samaritan's Purse South Sudan projects and partner with them to drill wells to provide safe, clean water and to distribute food to fight hunger that many of the families in Sudan face. 

You can also help by connecting with Samaritan’s Purse on Facebook or Twitter @SamaritansPurse,  or simply by sharing this post with your own Facebook and Twitter followers. 

You can check out the video below to find about more about South Sudan’s water projects and see Samaritan’s Purse in action.


It doesn’t take million dollar donations to help, prayers work wonders too!  Trust me when I say that there are families in South Sudan, just like yours and mine who need all of the help they can get, so if this post might inspire someone to help then I’ve done my job! 

It’s your turn! 


  1. Alison thank you for bringing attention to the tremendous need of the refugees in South Sudan.

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