Saturday, July 14, 2012


I have a little bit of a secret.

Come closer…a little close, well for the love of all that’s Holy you didn’t have to bang your head off the monitor. 

Anyway, my secret is that I want a wedding. 

Scratch that, I need a wedding.

So I know you’re thinking, um Allie, aren’t you already married, and I am, but I’ve never had an actual wedding and it’s one of the things that I regret most.

When I married my ex-husband it was at the court house, we were married by the Justice of the Peace and our daughter (Sporty Spice) served as our witness.  I was 23 and thought that I didn’t want a wedding, but what 23 year old really knows what they want?

You would think that after my first marriage ended that I would make certain that I had a proper wedding the second time around, but things don’t always happen like that.   My current husband and I were married two years ago in Tennessee, in a cabin in the woods, with only a preacher and some of our family present; I didn’t wear a dress, I didn’t have a bouquet and once again I didn’t think that I needed those things…and once again I was wrong. 

Don’t get me wrong, my second “wedding” was a lot more romantic than the first, but I still crave the church and the dress and the reception…I keep telling my husband that if we ever renew our vows that we are most definitely having a wedding.

Since I always hold out hope of being able to have my dream wedding (hey, a girl can dream can’t she?) I love looking at bridal magazines and websites so that I can dream about dresses and cakes and bridal veils until my hearts content!  One of my favorite websites to get inspiration is With This Bling!

I have this little obsession with finding the perfect wedding dress and veil for my wedding (yes, I am aware that the actual wedding may never take place, but like I said, a girl can dream) and I love looking at the unique and beautiful items that With This Bling has to offer.  I’m pretty sure that you can gather just from this post that I’m not that into the whole traditional wedding thing, seriously, I’d love an outdoor wedding, on a hill, overlooking the water with all of my family and friends and the man of my dreams…that sounds pretty perfect to me!  I love that With This Bling carries a wide variety of bridal accessories items that every bride needs for her special day and if you’re planning a wedding, or you’re just daydreaming about the possibility then you definitely need to check it out!

I might not get my dream wedding any time soon, but for now I’m perfectly content dreaming it up in my head!

Disclosure:  This content brought to you by With This Bling.


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