Thursday, March 1, 2012

I don’t know about you, but the one thing I’ve tried (and failed) for 12 years to understand is why kids require so much stuff?  I mean when they’re babies you have to take the diaper bag that’s bulging at the sides, the snack bag (that’s contains your youngest child's weight in snacks, the camera bag (because I’m pretty sure that one of the cardinal rules of mother has to be that we are required to take pictures and/or video of everything our children do…forever), your purse (that could double as an overnight bag filled to the brim with everything from Band-Aids and ice packs to lip stick and a travel flat iron.  As as they get older their bags seem to get heavier!   And if you’re a mom, then you know that there’s nothing worse than being out with your children and having too much stuff to fit in/on the stroller!

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been out with my kiddos and had more stuff than the stroller would hold, I’m pretty sure I’d be up there with Bill Gates…just sayin’!

The Mommy Hook

So, I think it’s safe to say that we pretty much all have this problem!  I’ve tried to be creative and stuff everything into the stroller according to size and shape.  I’ve tried hanging all of my stuff over the handles, which only causes a mild concussion, based upon child’s weight/ability to keep themselves from tipping over.  And I’ve tried carrying the bags that won’t fit as I push the stroller, which only left me sore, angry and really wishin I had brought the bigger stroller to hold the other stuff!

I can’t tell you how many times I wished that there was something,…anything that would help me with our “stuff” problem!  And then I received an email…and it kinda changed everything!
When I was approached to do a review and giveaway for The Mommy Hook, I was hesitant because we don’t really use strollers around here like we used to, my youngest is 3 and she hates being confined to anything when we are out, but then I remembered that baseball and softball season is coming up and that The Mommy Hook would probably come in pretty handy for practices and ball games!

If you’ve never heard of The Mommy Hook let me fill you in on what this little baby can do!
Built to last with its heavy duty aluminum body and soft, durable rubber grip, The Mommy Hook is the answer to many parents prayers when it comes to outings with their little ones!  The Mommy Hook was designed to be versatile (The Mommy Hook can hold anything from diaper bags to grocery bags), durable (the rugged materials that make up The Mommy Hook provide much needed security and dependability) and so easy to use!  Did I mention that The Mommy Hook can be removed and reattached to provide parents an on-the-go practical tool that definitely comes in handy while shopping at the mall?

Since I plan to use The Mommy Hook on my daughter’s stroller for baseball season, I have only really tested The Mommy Hook around the house in a variety of different scenarios and my diagnosis?  It totally works and is as easy to use as it is functional—The Mommy Hook is almost like an extra set of arms!  I can’t wait imagine what a weight (literally) The Mommy Hook will off my shoulders this baseball season—I’ll definitely update y’all on how it works!

So, would you say that The Mommy Hook qualifies as a Product That Makes Parenthood Easier?  I would definitely have to give this one two thumbs up!

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You can purchase The Mommy Hook at Walmart, Toys ‘R’ Us and a variety of other retail locations!

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  1. Groceries! I load the bags onto my arms ...this would be soo much better!

  2. Bringing in the groceries. It would save me about 10 trips out to the car!

  3. I would use it to carry in my stuff form the van and save me lots of trips
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  4. taking stuff to the beach carry it for all my babys things to school and general uses like shoping bags


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