Friday, March 2, 2012

If you’ve followed Misadventures in Baby Raising long enough, you probably know that I’m a little forgetful—alright, that’s an understatement, I’m a lot forgetful…all of the time! 



And since I definitely have the tendency to forget everything I thought I’d make this Friday, Forgetful Friday and make it a post where I (try) to remind you about all of the cool stuff that happened on Misadventures in Baby Raising this week, the giveaway’s that are coming to an end and what I’m looking forward to next week, next month, or even next year!

Here goes…

This week we talked about Disney/Pixar’s new movie Brave…can’t wait to see this one!

I showed you all what I looked like twenty seven years ago and then completely lost in when I saw the words twenty seven years ago on my screen!

And in addition to The Mommy Hook giveaway we also introduced y’all to the Clorox Disinfecting spray giveaway!

Before I forget…there are tons of awesome giveaways over at including a $10 iTunes gift card giveaway, $15 Walmart gift card giveaway and you can win a $25 gift card…so hurry and enter before it’s too late!

Alright y’all…that’s it for this week!  See y’all next week bright and early…unless I decide to surprise y’all with a post  this weekend! 

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  1. How you keep up with everything is beyond me - and still have time to blog on two blogs and host giveaways! I enjoy your blog!


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