Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Y’all didn’t think we were finished showing you the hottest gift ideas for 2011 did you?  Good, cause we still have a ton of great products to come!


If there’s one gift I can always count on to bring ooh’s and aah’s on Christmas morning it’s anything personalized!  All of my children love carrying around an item that has their name on it, there’s something special about a teddy bear or a bag that was created especially for them—and they know it!  When I need something personalized, or when I want to find the perfect gift to add a personal touch to I always check out Things Remembered first!

I’ve worked with Things Remembered in the past and each time that I do I am more impressed than the time before, the bracelet that I reviewed for them last year, was and still is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry—not because it’s super expensive, but because of the engraving that Things Remembered added that makes it uniquely mine and extremely special! 

This time Things Remembered sent me something for Lil’Diva (a while back for her birthday) and it’s been one of her favorite things ever since! 

We received the Monkey Silly Sac from the Kids’ Silly Sac Bags line personalized for Lil’Diva—and it is quite possibly one of the cutest kids bags I have ever seen!  Though the Kids Silly Sac Bags are just one of Things Remembered unique birthday gift items (they also have absolutely gorgeous Birthstone Key Necklaces, the exquisite Silver Plated Train Bank, and even your favorite NFL and NCAA tankards so you can support your favorite team in style—all of these make awesome birthday gifts by the way) they also have a ton of great gift ideas for every occasion…including Christmas and Hanukkah! 

I love so many things about the Monkey Silly Sac that it’s hard not to list them all! 

*  It’s a cuddly, loveable, goofy monkey—who couldn’t love that face?
*  It has a mesh body (so you can easily see what your little one is carrying) and a zipper which I for one LOVE—so many children’s bags have Velcro or nothing at all.
*  Adjustable straps make it easy to adjust the silly sac to perfectly fit your lil’ one.
*  It’s extremely light-weight (empty it weighs hardly anything) so it’s easy for my lil’ ones to carry around!

Since I always think that seeing is definitely believing I thought I’d share a few photos of the
Monkey Silly Sac—warning…completely irresistible!


I told you!  It is too cute for words!  And Lil’ Diva’s name personalized on his belly is my absolute favorite thing about  the Monkey Silly Sac—cute huh?

Buy IT!

You can purchase the Monkey Silly Sac and other personalized gift ideas online at for $18.00! 

I have a surprise for one very lucky MIBR winner—one of you is going to win a Silly Sac of your own—you can thank me later! Check out all of the giveaway details and enter below using the Rafflecopter entry form!


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