Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Though I never want  to fully admit it, as I get older I recognize the need to start taking better care of my skin.  And even tougher is the reality that, anti aging skincare is just part of my everyday routine since I turned 30!

Try as I might I just can’t stop the effects of aging—it’s happening whether I want it to or not—so making sure that I use the best skincare products available to ensure that my skin stays healthy, glowing and amazing for years to come is a necessity!

Though I have tried several brands of skincare products that promise small miracles inside their bottles; I’ve never found a brand that comes close to providing me with the results that I crave like L'Occitane—the name alone sounds impressive huh?

A friend of mine introduced me to L'Occitane a couple of years ago and though I have only used a few of their skincare products (the Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam is completely out of this world), what I’ve seen has been extremely impressive.   I am in love with their Pivoine Flora perfume—seriously you would die and come back just to wear it again!  You can tell that the L'Occitane products are made with as much care and attention to detail now as when creator Olivier Baussan created the company in 1976!  That’s quite a long time to make something absolutely fabulous in the first place, even better!image

Though I have never tried it, I hear only good things about L'Occitane’s anti aging skincare products, and the fact that they’re made with ingredients like the immortelle flower (which never fades) and myrtle, a shrub several centuries old, it’s not hard to see why their Divine Cream line is one of their top sellers!  And while I’d like not to admit that I need it, I should definitely order a bottle (or three) of the Divine Cream asap! 

No one ever said growing old is fun, or glamorous, or easy, but I promise you that there are some amazing products out there that make the journey bearable (and dare I say fabulous)! 


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