Monday, August 22, 2011

Author: Elias Massey


What is it about animals that my daughter loves so much? I’ve never known anyone in my whole life who was so obsessed with furry creatures and if she brings one more rabbit or dog in this house I may lose my mind. Last week she came home with a chinchilla – where in the world did she find that? I had to go online with my Http:// internet and find out what to feed the thing because I’d never even seen one in real life – she got a good talking to for that one but we did end up keeping it. I know she has the best of intentions but our house is small to begin with and we just don’t have the money to keep adding mouths to feed, you know? I think she’ll want to be a vet someday and that makes me excited since I’ve always wanted something for her like that. Hopefully she can do well in high school and get a scholarship to college so we can afford it!



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