Sunday, August 21, 2011

A few weeks back my husband and I bought a new car.  I had been in dire need of a vehicle that wasn’t a gas hog, was reliable and didn’t need a ton of work since my husband up and traded my beloved Ford Expedition last March (I’m still kind of upset about that).  We had been waiting for the perfect time to buy and wanted to allow our credit score to get to a place that allowed us to buy what we wanted without having to pay an arm and a leg.  After a few months of paying off our debt, which actually happened a lot easier than either of us would have ever dreamed, we decided to find our free credit score online and to our surprise it had risen enough that we were comfortable taking the leap and buying another car. 

I would like to say that the process of buying a car was simple, but in reality it took weeks of my husband and I arguing over what we wanted, he wanted a sports car and I wanted a family SUV (yes, I’m the practical one) before we finally decided that an SUV was the answer (yes, I am always right).  After we finally agreed on what type of vehicle we were in the market for came the even harder part of choosing a make and model that fit all of our needs—not an easy task when you have 2 people with such different wants and needs.  Once we had our choices narrowed down to 4 options we decided to head out to the car lot and try our luck. 


Six hours, 20 test drives and not a single argument later I found the ONE—a GMC Envoy and that was all she wrote!


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