Friday, August 26, 2011

I’m a stickler for a good laugh and while I don’t watch many sitcoms I do happen to enjoy The Big Bang Theory (thanks to my mom for telling me how hilarious it is). That’s why I’m psyched to be working with Warner Bros. WBWord on a month long campaign for TBBT!  Like all previous WB campaigns I’m given a theme or prompt each week to talk about, and this week’s theme deals with dating and in particular dating those with “beautiful minds”.




A lot of people go after hip and popular, but these days geek is chic. Tell us about any experiences you have had dating someone who is a bit socially awkward. Do you think people with "beautiful minds" are underrated in the dating scene? What do you like about the characters on 'The Big Bang Theory' and how they interact with each other? How would you help their "game?"


In my 32 years I’ve dated a few guys, some were jocks, some were what I like to call “Billy Bad Asses”, some were Workaholics and a couple were even what one would consider sociallyTBBT DVD cover awkward.  Far be it for me to judge anyone based solely on their personality, but with that said the guys that I’ve dated who were more into computer games and Star Trek than they were into hanging out with friends and doing what most people would consider fun were just not for me.  Now, I’m not dogging on geeks, truth be told I have the biggest crush ever on Jim Parsons character Sheldon Cooper on TBBT, I’m just saying that my experience dating guys who were a little geeky was just not the best.  As much as I don’t have the desire to ever date a socially awkward guy again, you know because I’m married the THE Billy Bad Ass lol)  I do think that they are definitely underrated in the dating scene for a couple of reasons.  1.)  9 times out of 10 guys who are a little socially awkward are also a little shy and unsure when it comes to the opposite sex, that means that they are almost always polite, well-mannered, and willing, ready, and able to pay for dinner and a movie.  2.)  Socially awkward guys typically tend to let the woman lead in the relationship and we all know how much us ladies like to be in charge. 


One of the biggest reasons that I like The Big Bang Theory is because of the characters; I have been a fan of Kaley Cuoco since her days as John Ritter’s daughter on “8 Simple Rules” I think that her character brings a different perspective to the show and her interaction with her cast mates make the show even more awesome!  I also adore Jim Parson’s character Sheldon Cooper, it is alright to have a major crush on a sitcom character if you’re married—right?  Seriously though, Sheldon makes me laugh and he’s so cute how could you not like him?!?!  And while I love all of the character’s on TBBT my favorite is hands down, Johnny Galecki’s character Leonard Hofstadter.  You guys totally remember Johnny from Roseanne—right?


How would I help the characters on TBBT with their “game”?  Let’s see, first and foremost I would let the guys know that confidence goes a long way with a girl, if a girl thinks that you’re confident it’s a huge turn-on.  I would also let the guys know that while geek may be chic right now, full-on nerd is not a good look, so relax with the nerdy talk and big words and they’d be surprised how much further they get with the opposite sex!



Alright y’all as always I want to know what you think—have you ever dated a socially awkward guy or girl, what was it like?  What do you love about The Big Bang Theory?  Who is your favorite character?


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“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Big Bang Theory Season 4 on DVD."


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