Friday, August 26, 2011

imageIt’s the final day of our Back-to-School blowout and I hope y’all had as much fun as I did, I also hope that you found a ton of great new products to add to your back-t0-school shopping list! 


With 4 children running around our house it’s kind of hard to keep nasty germs at bay, every year when back-to-school time hits I become as OCD obsessed as Howie Mandel and spray, wipe, and disinfect EVERYTHING.  Of course, all of that is for nothing if my children go to school without the proper products to help keep them germ free.  While I normally opt for alcohol based sanitizing products I recently discovered  EO and it completely changed the way I think about traditional hand sanitizing products!


If you’ve never heard of EO then you are definitely in for a treat!


About EO (from the EO website):

About Our Company


Mission Statement

We are an impassioned team working collectively to make responsible, sustainable and authentic personal care products.



Core Values

  • We acknowledge the interdependence of all things.
  • We lead by example without perfection.
  • We put people and the planet before profits.
  • We believe that transparency creates trust; we are committed to transparency throughout.
  • We engage with each other and our world in a kind, candid and respectful way.
  • We choose to serve our world by way of mindful actions, everyday.

Brand Promise

We provide natural personal products that perform and enhance your beauty and well being.



We had a chance recently to try out a few of the hand sanitizing products from EO!  Prior to using the EO products that I reviewed I had never really used natural hand sanitizing products so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I have to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised!  We received the 2 oz. Hand Sanitizer Spray, a package of the Hand Sanitizer Wipes in Lavender and Liquid Hand Soap in Peppermint and Tea Tree. 


Though there are many reasons for loving the EO family of products my number 1 reason is that their products are natural and therefore better for my family than their traditional chemical filled counterparts.  I take comfort in knowing that I can provide my children with the same effectiveness that I’m used to in hand sanitizing products without all of the alcohol and chemicals—that means a lot for me as a mom.  Another reason that attributed to my love for EO’s products was the smells, while I’m used to hand sanitizer products smelling overwhelmingly like alcohol, these smelled like lavender and it is SO much more appealing than the hand sanitizers that I’m used to.  My children also noticed the new smell and commented that now they didn’t have to smell yucky when using the sanitizers—I’m pretty sure that means that they approve!  I have to say, it would be pretty hard for me to go back to using traditional hand sanitizing products again when EO has products that do the job without harming my family—I love that!


Of course, EO doesn’t only sell hand sanitizers, they have a full-line of products for every member of the family.  From bath and body products to perfume and even pet products, EO has something for everyone!  Make sure you check out EO for all of your back-to-school germ fighting needs!




Buy it!


You can purchase the EO products that I reviewed (and SO many more) at the EO website!  And right now (through August 31) all foaming soaps and hand sanitizing sprays are 20% off!



And check this out—all web orders over $35 receive free ground shipping! 


*I received the items above to facilitate my review, all opinions are 100% my own!*


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