Saturday, June 26, 2010

Last week I posted about the Pink Power Moms Campaign—I hope that you had a chance to check it out and see what the campaign and the initiative is all about!

Now I want to give all of you a chance to share your stories of battling breast cancer.  Not only will 1 Misadventures reader win a great Bright Starts prize, she will also be in the running for the chance of being one of 8 Pink Power Moms and the opportunity to share her story, but also win some great prizes!  Know someone who has an inspiring story to tell, or maybe you have battled breast cancer and would like to share your story?  You can read more about the Pink Power Mom campaign below…and be sure to check out the bottom of this post for details on how you can win a Bright Starts prize just for sharing  your story!

Bright Starts™ wants to honor eight women who have led an inspirational fight against breast cancer. These amazing women have persevered through their battle and have gone on to make a difference in the world, motivating and inspiring those around them. What does it take to be a Pink Power Mom? Read about our former winners at The eight winning Pink Power Moms will receive:

- A $5,000 Donation to the breast cancer charity of her choice
- A weekend of pampering with all 8 of the Pink Power Mom winners
- A chance to be selected as the Bright Starts™ Pink Power Super Mom and to receive additional charity donations plus appear in a Bright Starts™ print advertising campaign

Nominate your Pink Power Mom today by sharing your stories about that amazing woman in your life. Recognize and empower these amazing women by submitting stories about your Pink Power Mom to “Misadventures in Baby Raising” and don’t forget to submit your stories to In October, we will announce the national winners and the winner from “Misadventures in Baby Raising” This very special mom will receive some of her own Bright Starts™ products.

Also, don’t forget to Become a Fan of Bright Starts on Facebook and Be a Giver. Through the month of June, Bright Starts™ will donate $1 for every new fan that joins us during the campaign to benefit Pink Power Mom charities. Your Pink Power Mom will appreciate your help and support.
WIN!     If you, or someone you know has an inspiring story about battling breast cancer then tell me about it!  You have 2 options for sharing your story with me:

*  Leave a comment below sharing your story with not only me, but all of the MIBR readers as well.

*  If you prefer you can send me an email and share your story (a_proffitt79(at)yahoo(dot)com)!

I will choose the story that touches me the most from the entries I receive and that person will not only be nominated by MIBR to be a Pink Power Mom, she will also win one of two Bright Starts Prizes ( the Pretty In Pink™ Baby’s Play Place™ Deluxe Edition or the Pretty In Pink™ Bounce-a-bout™—winner’s choice!)

So please share your stories and don’t forget nominations close on June 30th so HURRY!

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  1. In January of 2008, I, like many others in the Detroit area, was laid off from my job. Along with the loss of my income, I also lost my health insurance. In March of 2008, I discovered a small pea-sized lump on the side of my left breast. I looked it up online and almost every site said that because of my young age (30 at the time) that it was most likely a benign tumor, that it is extremely rare for younger women to have malignant tumors. I pushed all thoughts of my lump aside and concentrated on moving forward with my life by pursuing a lifelong goal of getting a college education. I decided to major in nursing, which is a field that is in demand.
    In October, while taking a break from studying, I turned on the television and quickly became engrossed in a movie marathon that featured young women with breast cancer.
    The movies scared me. Over several months, the lump had grown in size. I told my mother my concerns the very next day.
    She was insistent that I make a doctor appointment immediately, even offered to pay for it since I didn't have insurance.
    I made the appointment and went in the following day for a mammogram and exam.
    Much to my horror, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.
    For more than a year, I battled this horrendous disease. I had chemotherapy (lost my hair and the chemo did not affect the tumor at all), several surgeries, radiation and I am currently doing hormone therapy and an experimental drug study. I still need to do reconstruction, but can't stand the thought of another surgery at this moment.
    Having cancer has shown me how valuable life is. Now every second that I live is for my 9 year old daughter. While my prognosis is not very good (only a 20% chance to be alive in 10 years) I try to remain upbeat and hopeful. My priorities have completely changed. Each day I try to create a happy memory for her.
    Together we have created our own bucket list. Every week we try to cross one item off of the list. Last week we made our own pottery and painted it too! It is my hope to one day be able to take my daughter on a cruise, although I am not sure how likely that is considering that I do not have health insurance and my medications alone drain my income for the month.

    Thanks for reading!


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