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I’ve mentioned before how much I like the Sassy brand of children’s products. From educational toys to bath and feeding products, I have always made it a point to purchase Sassy first if possible.

When my youngest daughter started feeding herself I was very excited to see what great Sassy feeding products were available, fortunately I was asked very shortly thereafter by Sassy to do a review (talk about perfect timing) for some of their new feeding products.

My daughter Kinley is a very independent child; from learning to walk and talk to now feeding herself it all had to be done they way she wanted to do it. No matter how many times I tried to show her how to hold a fork she insisted on holding it the way she wanted, same thing with picking up food from her plate—it had to be her way. I had a very difficult time getting my daughter to use the toddler feeding products I had left over from my son correctly, so I was very relieved when I received the products from Sassy and saw how easily my daughter took to using them.

sassy_products sassy_products2

We received several products from Sassy’s new feeding products, each special and unique in it’s own way.

  • Less Mess Training Spoon (6 Months & Up) Inspire Independence: This revolutionary spoon design gives baby a great first try at self-spooning solids. Although young babies have limited motor skills, the shape and features of this spoon allow them to self-feed using either hand. Babies at this age tend to switch back and forth between their right and left hands while eating, not displaying a preference for either hand until about age 2. Large guards at the end of each bowl provide physical and visual cues to help baby get the spoon to mouth, without putting it too far in. Tiny holes in the spoon bowl work as mini suction cups, helping to keep the food on the spoon. The spoons come in bright, boy or girl colors and have a suggested retail price of $2.49 each. image
  • Less Mess Toddler Spoons (9 Months & Up) Inspire Independence: Here’s a new twist on toddler feeding! The handle is shaped to allow chunky toddler hands to grasp it and it is angled to help little ones get the food into their mouths. The bowl is sized to keep portions bite sized and tiny holes help hold food on the spoon longer. Everything in this design is working to help baby succeed at self feeding, which builds confidence as motor skills develop. The spoons come in assorted boy and girl colors and have a suggested retail price of $3.99 for two.image
  • Perfect Sized Snack Pods (9 Months & Up) Inspire Independence: Everyone needs 3-square meals a day, plus a couple of square snacks too! Swivel lids make it easy and convenient to dispense snacks from these two square bowls without spilling. The lids open wide enough for baby to reach in and begin experimenting with thumb and finger pincer grasp. There are two different sizes to fit the type and amount of snack you want to pack. Fair and square, it’s easy to store this set. The containers and lids stack inside one another! Suggested retail price for two snack pods and two lids is $3.99. image
  • Dippin’ Diner Plate Set (9 Months & Up) Inspire Independence: Set baby’s table on the road or at home with these stylish, square plates. Vary the menu and the plates – two are divided in half to keep foods separated, while two are standard plates. Non-skid borders on the plates and corners help little ones capture food and get it neatly on the spoon or fork. Since toddlers love dipping, all four have a little section for dip or sauce. The set comes with two snap-on lids, making these plates perfect for travel and storage. A no-skid base helps keep the plates from slipping and tipping while your toddler is dining and dipping! Set of 4 plates and two lids has a suggested retail price of $6.99.image
  • Stack n’ Serve Feeding Bowl Set (6 Months & Up) Inspire Independence: Baby will be styling with these fashionable, brightly colored, square bowls in four sizes. The bowls provide built-in help for babies and toddlers learning to self-feed. They have grippy, non-skid bases to keep them in place and special non-skid areas inside the bowls to help baby “grab” food. Deep bowls help baby prevent spills and corners offer assistance in “trapping” food onto the utensil. Storage is a snap because the bowls nest inside one another. Suggested retail price is $5.99 for the 4-piece set. image
  • EZ-Scoop Toddler Bowl (9 Months & Up) Inspire Independence: This cleverly designed bowl has a special shelf inside to help toddlers learn to scoop food onto their spoons. A suction base helps prevent tipping and spills as little eaters work away at their meals. The suction cup base can be removed as the child grows and eating skills improve. A snap-tight lid is included to make the bowl perfect for travel and food storage. Simply push down on the center of the lid for a vacuum seal. The bowl, lid and suction cup base are all in different, bright colors in girl and boy hues. Suggested retail price is $4.99 for a bowl and lid set.image

While I love all of the products a few really stood out and have made feeding time so much easier at our house. The Less Mess Toddler spoons are one of my favorite products; Kinley has such an easy time holding them which makes feeding herself a breeze. Another favorite are the Stack ‘n’ Serve Feeding Bowl Set—they are absolutely adorable and fun and are the perfect size for both Kinley and Gaige. I have also come to love the Snack Pods which are the perfect size for long car trips—they were great to have on our recent trip to Tennessee. Another thing that I really appreciate about the products are the non-skid borders on the bottoms of the bowls and plates, the borders make accidental spills far less frequent while also offering Kinley the stability that she needs to fill her fork.

Buy It! To find out more about these and other great Sassy products visit You can purchase these and other great Sassy feeding products at most major stores.

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  1. Wow...those are really neat. I love that they are in bright colours too.
    I especially like the spoons. Too bad they weren't bigger...Joey could really benefit from a spoon like that.


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