Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Something not too many people know about me is my obsession with make-up. I’ve been wearing make-up since I was 12 and I am definitely one of those women who won’t even go to the grocery store without it. Needless to say I love to try new make-up and find new favorites.


A few months ago I was introduced to mineral foundation and really loved it, and when I was offered the opportunity to do a review for Everyday Minerals I was ecstatic. Everday Minerals offers a full line of cosmetic products from bases and eye colors to brushes and skin care products. All Everyday Minerals products are organic, all-natural, vegan, and cruelty free, it doesn’t get much better than that! Everyday Minerals is about being healthy, saving money (all of the products are very affordable), and thinking globally in their everyday actions. One of the really cool things about Everday Minerals are the sample size products that they sell…sample sizes are perfect for trying new colors and seeing what works and I so appreciate that they offer them for all of their products! Another of the things that make Everyday Minerals stand out is their commitment to women’s issues—with the launch of their Everyday Forward mission in which they donate all proceeds from a designated product to a women’s charity such as,, and image For my review I received several Everyday Mineral products, which I was very excited to try out. The firimagest two products were from Everyday Mineral’s Cheeks collection; Email Me, and DVR Saturday (the names of their products are absolutely fun). I am discriminating when it comes to make-up so I was a little worried about how well I would like the products, but as soon as I tried them my worried were put to rest. As with the mineral foundations in the past I found that the mineral blushes were so much better than the ones I had been using. From the intensity of color to the staying power of the blush, I was just amazed at how well they both performed…and Email Me has quickly become my new favorite blush color! The cheek products come in two sizes sample ($2.50 a piece) and Big ($8.00).

image imageThe other two products I received from Everyday Minerals were from their Peal Eyes collection; Scented Candles and In the Garden. I was very impressed with both colors…Scented Candles offers an amazingly subtle shade with just a hint of pearl that leaves you looking and feeling great. And while I liked both colors my favorite was without a doubt In the Garden. I usually lean more towards darker colors for my eyes so In the Garden was perfect. The intensity of color was amazing and it definitely made my eyes pop, and the hint of pearl sparkle just completed the look to perfection! In the Garden and Scented Candles eye colors are available for $6 each!

Overall I was very happy with Everyday Minerals; from their commitment to women’s issues and all-natural approach to their amazing products! If you’re looking for an affordable, amazing, mineral make-up company I would definitely recommend you give Everyday Minerals a try!


  1. Love the way you posted this. Very cool.
    The prices are good as well.

  2. Looks wonderful and I like natural product lines.

  3. This is what I use!!! I LOVE EM - the colors are fantastic, prices are great, and they are all natural with no chemicals or nasty fillers.


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