Monday, December 22, 2008

This post is about bad ass children. If you're a mother to said children reading this may or may not offend you, it is not my intention to offend but to educated. So please if you have bad ass kids please read and pay close attention to the following!

Two Wednesdays a month I take my son to Story Hour at my local library. We hadn't been in about a month because after just having a baby 2 months ago I didn't really feel like attending. Last week I decided to take both of the babies with me to Story Hour...Oh my gosh it wasn't a good idea. Now the story hour is for babies and toddlers; they read stories, play games, sing songs, let the kids run wild in the library (that last one I really do not agree with) it's a good way for the kids to have fun and interact with other children in their age group. Needless to say there is always that one kid who is a demon. Ordinarily I wouldn't refer to a child as a demon, I probably wouldn't even think it unless said child was completely out of control, but the child in question has issues. So we're all sitting around the carpet listening to the librarian read a story when this little boy stands up and starts screaming while the lady is reading...what does his mother do? Nothing. She just sits there and laughs at how rude her child is being. The librarian asks the boy to sit down, he does not, she continues to read. Throughout the entire story the boy just stood there yelling and kicking and laughing...and the mother? She just sat there and smiled like she was oblivious to what her son was doing. I was annoyed! After the story the children were allowed to play. Most of the children were being good; looking at books, playing with blocks...not this kid, he was running around terrorizing all of the other kids. He was running around screaming at the other children, taking their books, knocking over their towers to blocks. And once again the Mother of the Year was oblivious...instead of looking after her demon...I mean son... she was texting. I was fuming as were most of the other mothers. The last straw was when the little boy came running over to were I was setting, knelt down to look at my daughter who was sleeping in her infant carrier, and smacked her right in the face. I was pissed! I had had enough of this child and his mother. I very quickly and calmly (as calm as I could be considering I wanted to bust this child's butt right there in the middle of the library) took him by his hand and led him over to his mother. This is how the conversation went:

ME: Excuse me but your son just hit my baby.
Mother of the Year: (Not bothering to look up from her phone) Son be good.
(Um at this point I really wanted to tell her where she could stick that phone, but I decided against it.)
ME: Well actually he's really picking on all of the other children.
MOY: (Finally looking up from her phone and seeing that I was holding her son by the arm) Well if their mothers were watching them that wouldn't happen now would it.(Grabbing her son from my grip)
ME: (with my mouth open in disbelief) You know your son has actually been disruptive for the whole Story Hour and forgive me for being rude, but it is you and not the other parents who need to watch your child.
MOY: Oh so now you're going to tell me how to be a parent.

There are so many things I could have said to this lady, so many things I wanted to say to her, but I realized that doing so would only have caused a huge argument and probably gotten me banned from the library...thankfully the librarian came over and saved me. She asked the lady to please watch her child as he was making Story Hour not so much fun for the rest of the kids. The lady grabbed her son and stormed out of Story Hour...and all of the parents breathed a huge sigh of relief. I don't think she'll be coming back any time soon!


  1. o.k...first off..the child is not a is totally the parents fault. He may have some issues ..(ADHD...ect.) Also the library staff should have asked the mom to watch her child..thats is so inconsiderate! We have story hour at our libraries..and I have a son who is extremely hyper activie, and neither I nor his worker would ever let him continue to stay if he was exhibiting any of those behaviours. I have had it out with mothers.. I tend to have a bad temper..when it comes to my children. I'd of been furious if the kid hit my baby or any of my kids..and the mom did NOTHING..thats crazy. I'm glad you contained yourself.


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