Sunday, December 21, 2008

Alright so Christmas is in 4 days and that means presents...the good (a new printer for my digital camera please), the bad (um thank you), and the ugly (please not another fuzzy Christmas sweater Aunt B).

We've all had those gifts that make us oh and ah and of course we've also had the ones we've had to pretend to like and then secretly want to re-gift but realize that doing so would be really very mean because no one wanted them in the first place.

So I want to know, what was the bestest present you ever received for Christmas, what was the worst, and have you ever re-gifted?


  1. Good post!
    My bestest present...hmmm i think would be a winter coat my hubby got when we were just dating. I loved it..a nice white bomber jacket..(remember
    My worst..would be a curler iron..I recieved last year..I havent' curled my hair using one of those since the early 90s..(i didnt' regift..just returned it for a straightener...which i do believe dh meant to get )
    And the ugliest oh dear..many many things..usually by mil.shhh don't say a thing to dh!
    Yes..i've regifted.

  2. My best present was a photo of my girls. the worst was 5, 1 gallon containers of quality bubble bath from the hubby.
    And yes I have re-gifted.

  3. Well let's best present was the framed photos of my kids that my sister gave me last year, beautiful frames and the pictures were pictures that she had taken when I wasn't around so it was a wondeful surprise.
    The worst would gave to be this horrible purfume that my ex-husband bought me one year...he said "I couldn't find the kind you wanted so I bought this...the bottle's pretty" Believe me that bottle was no where near pretty enough to make up for the horrible smell.
    And I must say that I have never re-gifted...I have wanted to many many times, but I figure I like most of the people I buy gifts for so there's no way I would want them to think I have as bad a taste as whomever bought me the gift in the first place.

  4. great question... one year my mother in law gave me five nightgowns.. all size xl! (i am not an xl)....

    my best present was...the Little House on The Prairie books boxed set that I got when I was 8.. I devoured those books!

    I may post something like this on my blog. do you mind? I love this idea!

  5. Of course I don't mind Kel...I love reading your posts so I can't wait to hear what you come up with!

  6. best present ever- dollhouse I got when I was 7

    worst present ever- dollhouse I got when I was 7 that never got put together

    Yep, I sure do mentsonregift.


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