Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I feel the need to first say that I really dislike posting negative things about products here, honestly, if I receive a product to review and I really dislike it, I normally just skip posting about it because I don't like the negativity, but when I've personally purchased something that I then mention to all of you and it turns out to be really, really bad, well I think that I need to let y'all know!

About a month ago I posted about a nail polish brand called Julep and the awesome deal that I scored when I signed up to be part of their Maven program.  Now, I love all things beauty related and I live for nail polish so when I found out that I could get a few full-size nail polishes and a bonus beauty/nail product for less than $3 I was definitely going to do it!  And since it was such an awesome deal, I wanted to share that with all of you!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Julep or their Maven program, you can read more about it in my previous post.  Basically it's a monthly subscription box service (much like Ipsy or Birchbox) where you pay a monthly fee (they have two options but it's around $20-$25 per month) and each month they send you a personalized box with a couple of their nail polishes and usually some other nail related product.  Honestly, I signed up to be a Maven because I basically received the first box free (not counting the $2.99 I paid for shipping) for over $40 worth of products, I love nail polish so it was a no-brainer.  When I received my Maven Box I was over the moon excited and couldn't wait to use the polish, but I immediately noticed that my box did not contain the items that I had chosen (I was suppose to receive 2 nail polishes and a blush, instead I received 2 nail polishes and a cuticle oil), not a super big deal because the polish colors were gorgeous and who doesn't need a good cuticle oil.  Unfortunately that is where the excitement ended for me.

The same day that my box arrived I decided to give myself a manicure and I chose the Madison (which is a neon orangey coral color that was beautiful in the bottle) to paint my nails.  Immediately I noticed that the bottle was awkward, being tall and skinny made it very difficult to dip the polish brush into the bottle without it tipping, but again, I tried to see the bright side so I shrugged it off since the bottle has very little to do with the color and how well it applies.  Next thing I noticed (and immediately disliked) was the super runny, streaky, messy formula and I was instantly confused because this polish sells for $14 a bottle, this had to be a bad bottle...right?  I mean there is no way that all of their polish is this bad...right?  After three (very messy, very streaky) coats of polish, the color on my nails looked absolutely nothing like what was in the bottle and the "highly pigmented" polish that Julep describes, is not at all what I had on my nails.  As a matter of fact, my nails looked like a five year old painted was bad, really, really bad.  Since I wanted to be fair to the polish and give it a chance to redeem itself, I threw on a top coat and went on about my day.  I woke up the next morning with sheet marks (like the marks you get on your face when you wake up in the morning from the pillow or sheets) and chips on nearly every single nail, keep in mind that I applied the polish around noon and it was completely dry within 30 minutes, yet I still woke up with marks.  Now either I was fighting someone in my sleep (and they won) or this nail polish is just the absolute worst polish ever.  Completely discouraged, but still wanting to love it, I decided to try the other color that came in my Maven Box, Maddy, which is a gorgeous pink color that I thought would be perfect for summer...sadly, my results were exactly the same.  It took 3 coats to even cover the nails, the outcome was a streaky mess, the next morning there were marks in all of my nails and chips within 24 hours. You can check out a little bit more indepth and detailed review of the Julep polish in the video below.

I am definitely not an expert on nail polish, but I'm pretty sure that if you're selling something as small as a bottle of nail polish for $14, it better be damn good, I mean MAC polish is $16 a bottle so you'd expect a very similar result from something that was only $2 less...or maybe that's just me.  Honestly y'all, I wanted to love this stuff, I really did, but at the end of the day, there are SO many other great nail polish brands out there that I'm not sure why anyone would spend $14 a bottle on this stuff.  If you're looking for a good polish, try Essie you can get it at the drug store, it's around $8 a bottle and it's amazing!

Unfortunately I will be cancelling my subscription with Julep Maven, because at this point, I don't feel like spending even another $3 (let alone $20) for nail polish that not even my 12 year old nail polish obsessed daughter will use.

Sorry Julep Maven, but the nail polish is definitely a miss!

Until next time y'all...


  1. I tried the Maven program a while ago and only paid shipping and I hated the nail polish too, glad it wasn't just me. Good lookin' out!

    1. I was so sad that the polish wasn't good...I really wanted to love it :(

  2. I've heard of Julep but have never subscribed. I only paint my nails once in a while. I would've been highly ticked off too if that happened to me as a subscriber.

    1. I was Terra, but thank goodness I only paid for shipping, had I paid $14 per bottle I would have been extremely upset!


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