Saturday, June 28, 2014

We are big sports fans around here; from supporting our hometown baseball and football teams, to rooting for our favorite college basketball team the Blue Devils, we're always looking for new ways to support the teams we love.  Since I know that we can't be the only sports fanatics of there, I thought I'd share with y'all a few unique and fun ways that you can support your favorite sports teams!

Sports Memorabilia and Accessories

True sports fans want to show off their loyalty with themed merchandise, apparel and other items. On game day, spectators can wear jerseys and T-shirts bearing the official logos of the teams that are playing. There are replica jerseys that are available in the team's home and away colors. Such apparel also has the names of the players on the back. Official league logos might also be embroidered right onto the front of the jerseys.

Fans are also encouraged to bring any themed products to support the home team. For example, a 3D foam logo sign can be waived around proudly as a display of support. Additionally, such an item may stir up some other fans to start cheering on the team that is playing in a home venue. Foam signs usually have colorful logos featuring a team's mascot. These items can be raised up high above a person's head in order to get as much attention as possible in a crowded stadium. Three dimensional foam signs also make excellent displays along windows in a home or office.

Banners are also used to support home teams during competitions. Some of these displays can be attached to a handle that is used to create a waving motion. From a distance, large banners may look like flags bearing a team's official logo.

Toys are also popular collectible items for sports fans. There are plush stuffed animals that have designs inspired by mascots of professional teams. Additionally, there are bubble heads that replicate professional players in a wacky and fun way. Mini sporting equipment also make popular decorative items at home or at the office. For example, there are tiny football helmets, baseball caps and hockey sticks that are licensed and themed with professional leagues.

Home and office supplies are available in unique sports themed designs. For example, a baseball helmet can be used for a design of a mug, cup or pencil holder. There is also a ton of decorative items that bear the logos and other representations of professional teams. Even computer accessories are now made specifically for sports fans. For example, logos can be placed on mouse pads, flash drives and even mice.

Last but not least, sports fans can also purchase professional size balls that are used in actual games. High quality upholstery makes up replica basketballs, footballs and baseballs that are used by professional throughout the regular seasons.

I hope this has given you some ideas and fun new ways to support your favorite sports teams!

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