Sunday, June 29, 2014

If you're like me, there's nothing you love more in the summer than healthy, glowing, beautiful skin!  I've always been a sucker for a great bronzer and some of absolute favorites of life have come from the isles of the drugstore!  One of my favorite drugstore makeup brands has always been Physicians Formula and their new Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting BB Bronzer is quickly becoming my go-to bronzer for summer!

About Physicians Formula Bronze Booster BB Bronzer...

*  Glow Activator Technology
*  Instant and Lasting Bronze Glow!
*  First EVER BB Bronzer
*  It has BB Cream + Bronzer Benefits
*  It Protects, Mositurizes, Smoothes, Brightens and Softens Lines
*  It is also Stain-Free, Streak-Free, Orange- Free, Odor-Free.

I was recently accepted as a member of the People Style Watch Style Hunters Network (they basically send you beauty related products to try out and share your opinions about with your friends, family and social media audiences) and the very first product that they sent for me to try was the Bronze Booster BB Bronzer from Physicians Formula.   Being a huge Physicians Formula fan to begin with, I couldn't wait to try the bronzer and share my thoughts and since I always think it's best to hear it from the horses mouth (wait, did I really just call myself a horse!?!?!) I thought I'd do a little first impressions video to show y'all the bronzer and tell you a little more about it...check it out!


As you can see, I really liked the bronzer!  If you'd like to try out the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster BB Bronzer, you can pick it up wherever Physicians Formula products are sold, it retails for around $14.00! Make sure you check back soon for more great product reviews, recipes, DIY projects and lots more!

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  1. I love this bronzer, it's one of my favorites from the drugstore too!


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