Thursday, June 19, 2014

Something that a lot of you, the vast majority of you actually, may not know about me is that I smoke.  I know, I know, it’s like the worst habit there is and one that I have tried (unsuccessfully) for years to kick.  A few years back my husband and I bought some electronic cigarettes just to see what all of the hype was about (this was back when electronic cigarettes just hit the market so the buzz was huge) and were a little disappointed by them, but that was then, now ecigs are so much closer to the real thing that I though they deserved another go.  So why am I telling you this?  Because as with most new things that I try, I thought that there may be some of you who are interested in learning a little more about electronic cigarettes, the annual savings versus the real thing and just my personal experience with them.

21st Century Smoke

First and foremost e cigs are a flameless, tar-less, smoke-free version of a traditional cigarette and most of them produce a vapor (you know, the stuff that looks like smoke when you “smoke” them) made up mostly of water.  There are many e cigarette brands to choose from, 21st Century Smoke is one that comes to mind, and most, if not all, offer as many different products as traditional cigarette brands do.  One of the advantages smoking electronic cigarettes is that you can do it almost anywhere, if you’re a smoker then you already know that the freedom to smoke traditional cigarettes in public is becoming a thing of the past in most places, so it’s nice to know that you can go into most bars and restaurants and smoke ecigs with little or no trouble at all.  While being able to smoke in public without feeling like a murder (and if you smoke, then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about) is definitely a big plus with electronic cigarettes, the cost savings is the biggest advantage and one that can almost immediately be felt on your wallet!  The average cost savings of smoking ecigs (taking into account the expenses that comes with it; e cigarette refills, rechargeable batteries, etc.), compared to traditional cigarettes can be upwards of $1600 annually and I don’t know about you, but it sure would be nice to put that extra money in my pocket instead of handing it over year after year to big tobacco companies.  

As I mentioned above, my husband and I tried electronic cigarettes when they first came out and we were less than thrilled with the ones we tried, but we decided to give them another go recently and were actually pleasantly surprised with the results.  While we haven’t totally made the switch to electronic cigarettes, the freedom to smoke when and where we want, the savings and just how much more pleasant they are (you know, not smelling like cigarette smoke or having to worry about subjecting other people to it), are definitely all huge advantages to smoking traditional cigarettes.  If you’ve tried ecigs in the past and just weren’t satisfied with them, I definitely think it’s worth giving them another try.  If you’ve wanted to try to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, my advice is just do it, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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  1. I tried electronic cigarettes a long time ago and was not impressed either. I've been wanting to give them another try since cigarette prices keep going higher and higher maybe now I will. Thanks for the info


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