Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summers in Ohio are HOT and after that never-ending winter we had, I couldn't wait for summer to get here, of course now that it's here it's miserable...go figure.  When we moved into our new house in March, I was a little disappointed that our new yard wasn't as big as our previous yard and dreams of lazily floating in the pool all day this summer were fading fast, thankfully my husband rearranged some things and we were able to get a decent size pool for the family (insert crazy loud screaming from the kids here).

I cannot tell you how much of a lifesaver this pool has been and I also cannot tell you the last time I heard, "MOM...I'm bored!!!!", it just hasn't happened!  The kids have been spending nearly every day swimming, playing and just staying active and occupied (two things that all of us Moms want to be able to say every single day).  Here are a few pictures of the kids having a blast and staying cool!

Then I earned the status of "Coolest Mom Ever" the other night when I suggested that we have a Glow Stick Pool Party!  Can I just say that it really was the coolest thing ever even though the pictures do NOT do it justice, it was so pretty and just a ton of fun swimming at night with the kids with tons of glow sticks in the pool!  Check it out!

 If y'all have a pool, I definitely suggest trying the whole Swimming at Night Glow Stick Pool Party!   You can pick up a ton of glow sticks super cheap (we picked up almost 50 of them at our local Dollar Tree for less than $5), make sure you get the kind with lanyards to tie them around the pool, we also just let a bunch of them sink to the bottom which created a really neat effect that the kids loved! 

Until next time...happy swimming!


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