Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I was always so thankful that my oldest daughters loved to read and write, you know, back in the "good old days", before everyone and his 2 year old brother had an iPod and an Instagram account?!?  Those days seem far behind them now and lately the only things I've seen them read are posts on Instagram or Facebook and the only things I've noticed them writing are status updates and you know's really, really sad!

My son just learned to read last year, so he's still at the age where reading and writing is new and fun to him and I love that he loves it so much, but those older girls are always far too busy on their phones and iPods to do too much of anything that doesn't require a wifi connection and a touchscreen.  While I don't make my kids take an internet time-out as often as I should, after taking a good look at the inforgraphic below, I think I am definitely going to start unplugging regularly!  I think you'll find the information in the infographic pretty interesting...take a look!

Distracted Generation (Infographic) border= Pretty eye-opening, isn't it?  So tell me, am I the only parent who feels like iPods, Smart Phones and Tablets have taken the place of good old hardcover books and pen and paper?  And trust me, the irony of me writing all of that on my laptop and then posting it online, is definitely not lost on me.

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