Monday, October 21, 2013

I've never been much of a fan of scripted TV shows, but 2 Broke Girls was one of those shows that I loved the very first time I saw it.  I don't know if it's the actress, or the storylines, (or maybe the horse) that make me like it as much as I do, but I do know that my Monday nights wouldn't be complete without it.

If you've never watched 2 Broke Girls, let me clue you in...

2 BROKE GIRLS is a comedy about the unlikely friendship that develops between two very different young women who meet waitressing at a diner in trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and form a bond over their dream of one day owning their own successful cupcake business.  Only one thing stands in their way – they’re broke.  Sarcastic, street-smart Max Black met the sophisticated, school-smart Caroline Channing when the uptown trust fund princess was having a run of bad luck due to her father’s Wall Street scandal, which caused her to lose all her money and forced her to give waitressing a shot.  At first, Max sees Caroline as an entitled rich girl, but she’s surprised to find that Caroline has as much substance as she does style. When Caroline discovers Max’s knack for baking amazing cupcakes, she visualizes a lucrative future for them and they begin to save money to reach their start-up money goal of $250,000.  As the girls’ cupcake tally expands week-to-week, they become closer to their goal and to each other.  At the diner they are surrounded by their offbeat, colorful “work family”: Oleg, an overly flirtatious cook; Earl, a hip 75-year-old cashier; Han, the eager-to-please owner of the diner; and Sophie, the girls’ outrageous upstairs neighbor. As Max and Caroline climb toward their goal, we see that their “smarts” plus their “hearts” might just be the recipe for success.

I must admit, every time I watch the show, I'm reminded of my own "broke girl" days as a twenty-something (before kids of course) just trying to make ends meet.  I remember one particularly genius "get rich quick" idea my friend L and I had while working as sandwich artists at Subway.  One day while closing up shop for the night, L and I decided that we could make double the money we already made if we started a "side business" where we babysat when we weren't working our regular jobs; both of us had experience, both of us loved kids and two babysitters are much better than one...right?  Yeah, well, let's just say that we were in business for exactly 24 hours before we decided that babysitting, wasn't where it's at.  We accidentally booked a babysitting job for a time that both of us were working, which meant that our boyfriends (who weren't as mature or responsible as we were) had to take on the job for us, by the time we finished paying them for taking on our job, we had $20 less than when we started, so our babysitting business was no more and we were back to making sandwiches and dreaming big. 

Looking back on that time now, I had to laugh because as silly as it was, it was also a lot of fun, those years were the only years in my adult life before I had kids when I could actually be silly, not worry too much about money, and just be a twenty year old...ahhh, the good old days.  Maybe that's one of the reasons why I love Max and Caroline as much as I do, they in one way or another, remind me of me and my friends at that age, maybe with a little bit more business sense (just a tad), but still very much like us. 

If you don't currently watch 2 Broke Girls, I definitely recommend it, it's so worth the watch and if you currently watch the show, remember that 2 Broke Girls has moved to a NEW TIME - Mondays at 8:30/7:30 c on CBS. 

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