Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Texting and driving is something that I try not to do, I ‘d be lying if I said that I don’t ever do it, but I do try very hard not to, especially after seeing those commercials or reading or hearing about horror stories where an accident happened because someone was texting and driving.  My husband on the other hand, does it nearly every time he’s in the car and it’s something that I spend a lot of time pleading with him not to do.  With not one, but three of our children who are going to be driving within the next year, it’s more important than ever for both of us to set a good example and be responsible when it comes to texting and driving so that hopefully our children will follow that example and refrain from texting and driving when they get their licenses.  I received a pitch containing an interesting infographic about texting and driving that I thought I’d pass along to all of you, if you have teens who are already drovers or who will be soon, it’s definitely worth having a look. 

Texting While Driving Infographic 

Interesting, is it not?  I hope you’ll take the time to share this information with your teens, I’ll definitely be doing the same!  Stay safe on the road y’all!


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