Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One of my absolute favorite summer memories from when I was a child was playing outside with my friends, most of the time all day long until the street lights came on, and Bomb Pops.  As an adult, I don’t do much playing outside, unless I’m chasing my little monsters, but I do still enjoy a Bomb Pop on a hot summer day. 

A few nights ago I was having a serious craving for one of my favorite popsicles when I decided to try my hand at making a homemade version of a Bomb Pop.  While I couldn’t get the consistency of mine to quite match the store bought version(I don’t know the word really to describe their consistency, aside from almost creamy), the taste was almost right on.  And while I still definitely prefer the real thing, my Homemade Bomb Pop’s will definitely hit the spot the next time those late night cravings hit again. 

Homemade Bomb Pops



You’ll Need:
1 package of Cherry Kool-Aid
1 package of Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid
1 package of Lemonade
Popsicle molds (small paper cups and popsicle sticks work too)

Prepare Kool-Aid according to package directions (I made all 3 flavors at the same time in different containers).  Pour Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid into the bottom of popsicle molds (fill molds about 1/3 full with Blue Raspberry Flavor) and place in the freezer to freeze completely.  (I should mention that this process does take a little time, but the results are awesome so it’s worth it and the kids had a lot of fun helping so I consider that a success). 

Once blue layer has frozen, remove popsicle molds and pour 1/3 of the Lemonade over the Blue Raspberry layer and pop into freezer until Lemonade layer is almost frozen (with a thin layer of ice over the top) and then slowly add the Cherry Kool-Aid on top of the Lemonade mixture, filling the mold to the top.  Place tops on the molds (you may have to push a little harder when inserting the tops (if they have sticks attached to the tops)  to carefully break through the lemonade layer.  Freeze popsicles until completely frozen (I chose to freeze them overnight) and serve. 

TIP:  If you’re popsicle molds are like mine, sitting them down in a bowl of hot water before trying to pull them out of the mold will help them release easily.



  1. I remember using kool-aid when I was a kid to make all kinds of things from pops to flavored sugar which we would dip our fingers in and lick off LOL. These are great. They look just like the ones you can get in the store and I know will taste even better. Thank you so much!

  2. these are so fun! great idea!


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