Monday, November 19, 2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 

Alright, maybe it’s not really beginning to look like Christmas, but ready or not, it’s a coming (I so sounded like my grandma when I said that out loud).  And I kinda have to admit, I love the holiday season, like seriously LOVE it and one of my favorite things about this time of year is picking out new Christmas cards. 


Now I realize that a lot of people may not think Christmas cards are that big a deal, but I think that having the perfect Christmas card sets the tone for the entire holiday season…bad Christmas card, bad holiday season. 

But maybe that’s just me. 

Though most people may not obsess over their holiday cards as much as I do, I know for a fact that there are a lot of people out there who love that particular aspect of the holidays and for those people and all of the others who are looking for an easy way to make personalized, custom holiday cards, I’d like to introduce one of my new favorites…Paper Culture!

Prior to working with them for this review I really didn’t know all that much about Paper Culture, I assumed that the were like every other website that sells Christmas cards, but I was very wrong.  Paper Culture’s motto is “be modern, be eco” and that mantra shows in everything they do, from the gorgeous holiday cards to the tree that is planted with every order.  Here’s some more Paper Culture that you might not have known:

Modern Designs - Clean lines, bold colors and fresh typography

Eco-Friendly – No new trees are cut down because Paper Culture uses exclusively 100% post consumer recycled paper for card and envelope. In addition, Paper Culture plants a tree with every order and has planted over 200,000 trees to date.

Premium Quality – Paper Culture cards are printed on 130 lb. weight heavy stock paper cut with signature rounded corners.  By comparison most leading companies use only 80-110 lb paper.

Mail & Message - If you choose, Paper Culture will stuff, address, stamp and mail your cards for you for FREE. The only charge for this service is the actual cost of the stamps!  Also, when you provide your addresses, you have the option to print a unique, personalized message on the back of each card.  Say what you want, to whom, on one, some or all your cards!

Signature Packaging –When you choose to address and mail your cards yourself, Paper Culture will ship them in a signature logo box (made of recycled paper of course) – a keepsake to store your cards in style while they wait to be sent.

And if that’s not enough to convince you of how awesome Paper Culture is, check out the Christmas cards that I recently ordered from Paper Culture for this review…I think they just might be my favorite Christmas cards yet!  (And the picture really doesn’t do them justice, they are much more charming in person, I can’t wait to send them out!)


I took some of the pictures from our recent family photo shoot and turned them into an absolutely amazing holiday card that does a wonderful job of capturing the spirit of our family—I love it!  While I’m gushing about how much I love this year’s cards (and seriously, I could do that all day) I also wanted to mention how awesome the transaction was.  Customizing and ordering my cards was very simple and though I chose standard shipping I received an email a couple of days after I placed my order saying that my shipping had been upgraded and that I would be receiving my cards sooner…um, major score! 

Seriously though, I can’t say enough good things about Paper Culture; I love their modern take on the traditional holiday cards, and I love that the company is as eco-friendly as they are, it definitely makes a difference in 2012 to see a company be so conscious of doing the right thing…I love that.

So if you’re looking for a great place to get all of your holiday and special occasion cards, make sure you check out Paper Culture, you definitely will not be sorry!

Disclosure:  I received the product above in order to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own!


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