Friday, November 16, 2012

You could say that ours is a house full of athletes; from my kiddos playing nearly every sport known to man to my husband playing on an adult softball team and my brother-in-law playing and coaching basketball, it seems like we’re constantly busy heading to one sporting event or another.  With all of that activity comes the inevitable sore muscles and general pain afterward, this seems to be especially true for my husband and brother-in-law.  While we all may joke that the aches and pains are signs of old age, we also know that taking care of those aches and pains are essential for them to continue with the activities they love the most.  I’ve also turned to traditional medicines to help with the aches and pains in the past, but the more they play, the more medication is needed to curb the pain and I just don’t like them taking that much medication.  So when I had the chance to try Curamin, a natural pain reliever, I was very intrigued and figured I would give it a shot and see how effective it was for my husband and bother-in-law.


I’ve tried natural pain relievers in the past for myself and actually found them to be quite effective in getting rid of my pain, but my husband and brother-in-law had never tried a natural pain reliever until Curamin.  Before I give my thoughts on Curamin, I thought I’d take the chance to tell you a little more about it.
Curamin is an all-natural formula that enhances the body’s natural defense mechanism for the relief of occasional pain. The synergistic blend of 4 high-powered ingredients: BCM-95 curcumin, boswellia, DLPA and nattokinase provides effective relief from pain. This fast-acting formula combines ingredients with multiple mechanisms of action to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response and relieve occasional muscle pain due to exercise and overuse. 
In addition to being all natural, Curamin is also an award-winning natural pain reliever

Retailers, consumers and major natural products magazines have given Curamin accolades and awards including:
  • Better Nutrition's Best of Supplements Award (FIVE years in a row—2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012)
  • Taste For Life’s Essentials Award—Top Supplements of 2012
  • 2011 Vity Awards for Best Supplement in three categories from Vitamin Retailer
  • WholeFoods 2011 Natural Choice Award as Best Specialty Supplement

As I mentioned earlier, both my husband and brother-in-law complain of aches and pains on a regular basis, but when they are very active those complaints come more often.  When my brother-in-law decided to start working out again a few weeks ago he was dealing with some pretty gnarly muscle pain for at least the first week, so I urged him to try Curamin in place of the normal over-the-counter pain medicine he had been taking.  The first time Travis took Curamin instead of his usual pain medicine he said that he noticed that it took the edge off of the pain a little quicker than his regular pain medicine, but that it didn’t seem to get rid of the pain as well as his regular pain medicine.   Travis did mention however, that he continued to take the Curamin because it seemed to worked faster and when combined with his regular medicine, it seemed to also last longer.  When asked if he would choose Curamin in the future he answered, “Yes!  While it didn’t really get rid of the pain altogether it did help and it did seem to last a little longer than my regular medicine.”.  I wanted to mention that my husband and I both took Curamin as well, my husband for an achy back after a long day at work and me for the same problem after a long day of working from home and we both liked the results.

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  1. Glad I found this giveaway. I know lots of people who could use it.

  2. Hubby has pains all the time, would like to try this out!


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