Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I love this time of year! 

I know, I know, I keep on saying it, but if you’re not happy with the oodles of gifts to give, lights and tinsel to string and holiday cookies to bake, then I just don’t know what  to tell ya.  Since I do love the holiday season so much, it’s only natural to assume that one of my favorite activities during that time of year is shopping—guilty as charged!


Nothing makes slaving over a hot stove and suffering through a meal with family you’d rather not spend time with anyway (not my own family of course, they’re super) worth it more than knowing that the next several weeks will be filled with shopping, shopping and more shopping…right y’all?  The older my children get, the more I shop online during the holidays, though I do love a good Black Friday sale, I’d rather sit in my PJ’s in my nice warm office, sipping a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate (that may or may not be spiked with a little dark rum…what?  I’m not driving), shopping the day away—that’s my idea of a good time!  While I have my favorite online spots to shop, I’m always open to discovering new favorites, like RedEnvelope.

I’ve heard about RedEnvelope from some of my friends, but had never actually checked it out for myself until I had the opportunity to do a review for them.  For those of you who are not familiar with Red Envelope, let me give you the rundown…
You give to affirm a friendship, to celebrate a new beginning, to thank a colleague, to honor family, to connect with a loved one, to commend successes, to mark passages, to give a little encouragement — or just because it's a joy to give.
From tokens of gratitude to expressions of love, as your partner in giving, RedEnvelope offers a unique and wide-ranging collection of thoughtful gifts for every occasion and everyone on your list — around the clock, all year round.
We only select quality products — many of which are exclusive to RedEnvelope — that are unusual, surprising and beautifully designed to ensure the gifts you give create a special moment when they are opened — whether it's a knowing smile, heartfelt laughter, or a sentimental tear or two.
In addition to offering unique gifts that you can’t find anywhere else, RedEnvelope also offers quality personalization and monogramming on many of the gifts you’ll find at RedEnvelope.  Recently I had the opportunity to work with RedEnvelope on a review and I can’t wait to share my experience with all of you.

I had worked with one of RedEnvelope’s gifting brands before—Shari’s Berries—so I knew that I would find a gift that was as unique and special as the one I received with Shari’s Berries and I did.  As soon as I saw the set of 4 Personalized Hops Pub Glasses, I knew that my husband would like them; in addition to being personalized with his name and our hometown, they would be perfect for when he’s watching football with his friends. 

The ordering process at RedEnvelope wasn’t really hard, but I did experience some issues with entering the gift code I received the cover my review item; I had my credit card charged for the full amount of my order (instead of the $2 something I was paying to have the item arrive sooner) and  was not given the option of entering my gift code.    As soon as I realized what had happened I called RedEnvelope customer service and had the order canceled and the super awesome customer service technician promptly placed another order for me.  On the day that my order was supposed to arrive I waited and waited and finally called customer service when I watched the last of the UPS trucks for the day drive by my house without delivering my package.  At first there was some confusion about my order and the status of my delivery so I was transferred to a supervisor,  who after twenty minutes of digging, discovered that my gift item had been personalized and packaged and was waiting at one of their distribution warehouses, but had never been picked up for delivery by the delivery service.  A couple of hours and lots of digging later (the supervisor was excellent through all of this, as soon as she realized that the issue wouldn’t be resolved quickly, she asked for my number so that she could call me back when she had more concrete information so that I wouldn’t have to wait on hold).  A couple of hours later I did receive a call back from the supervisor and was told that due to a super freaky glitch the item had not been shipped as it was supposed to have been and that she had placed a new rush order so that I could get my item as soon as possible.  I received the glasses, packaged extremely carefully, in one piece and looking better than I imagined they would! 


I love the personalization on the glasses and so did my husband, I know they’ll come in handy the next time he has some friends over to watch football—well done RedEnvelope!

Aside from the snafu with my order, my experience with RedEnvelope was far from a negative one, the stellar performance from RedEnvelope’s customer service team and the fabulosity of the item I received made my experience a great one!  If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone (or everyone as they have a ton of gift categories for every member of the family) on your list this holiday season I definitely recommend you check out RedEnvelope!  Make sure you check out RedEnvelope and tons of other great gift ideas in our 2012 holiday gift guide!

Disclosure:  I received the items mentioned above from RedEnvelope in order to facilitate my review…all opinions are 100% my own!


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