Monday, August 6, 2012

kahluaThe older I get, the more pressure I feel to give up the sugary soda I depend on to give me my caffeine kick every day and pick up coffee drinking—and I’ve been fighting it for years.  It’s not that I don’t like coffee, I just don’t love it and to me, if I’m going to drink something day in, day out, I kinda need to love it…right?  It wasn't until about a year ago when my daughter Sporty Spice came walking in the house with an iced coffee that her father had bought her (which was a really, really bad idea) that I realized that I could learn to love coffee, as long as it was iced coffee! 

While I don’t normally enjoy hot coffee, iced coffee has grown on me in a way that I never imagined it would, so when KAHLÚA asked me if I would be interested in trying their new Kahlúa Iced Coffee, I had no choice but to say YES!  For the love of my iced coffee addiction of course!

If you’re a fan of Kahlúa, then you already know how amazing it is, I mean there is a definite reason that it’s the number one selling rum and coffee liqueur in the world!  I’ve enjoyed Kahlúa many times, Kahlúa Hot Chocolate is one of the most amazing drinks ever, so I was more than ready and willing to try out the Kahlúa Iced Coffee.kahlua-iced-coffee

A Little More About Kahlúa Iced Coffee:

Kahlúa Iced Coffee delivers the taste of iced dark coffee using Kahlúa’s locally sourced 100% Arabica beans from Veracruz, Mexico.  Available in 3 sinfully delicious flavors; Iced Espresso, Iced Mocha (my personal favorite) and Iced Coffee with Cinnamon Spice, each can is bursting with flavor and only 150 calories!  Perfect for a gathering or a quick pick-me-up with a kick, these sleek and modern cans offer simple “grab & go” convenience!






Kahlúa sent me each of the three flavors of Kahlúa Iced Coffee to try out and I couldn’t wait to get started with my taste testing.  As I mentioned above, coffee is normally not my thing, but I do enjoy iced coffee quite a bit so I knew that there was a pretty good chance I’d like the Kahlúa Iced Coffee as well…and they did not disappoint! 

I don’t drink often, so the serving size of the Kahlúa Iced Coffee cans were perfect for me, I loved the idea of being able to enjoy the iced coffee taste that I love so much, with a little Kahlúa kick—it was the best of both worlds!  The Iced Mocha flavor was by far and away my favorite of the three flavors, the mocha flavor blended perfectly with the Kahlúa and made for a deliciously sophisticated taste that left me wanting more—I’m pretty sure that’s a good sign!  Though the Iced Mocha was definitely my favorite, I also really enjoyed the Cinnamon Spice and Iced Espresso flavors as well. 

If you’re looking for an easy, delicious, very portable drink for your next adult get-together, I’d definitely suggest trying one, or all three flavors, of Kahlúa Iced Coffee!  Available in single cans for $2.50 each or $9.99 for a four pack, Kahlúa Iced Coffee makes the perfect addition to any BBQ or adult get-together! 

Disclosure:  I received samples of the product mentioned above in order to facilitate my review…all opinions are 100% my own!


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