Friday, May 18, 2012

Cancer is not a joke!  I’ve had some of the most important people in my life taken from me because of this horrible disease!

When my mom was a teenager, she watched as cancer took her mother from her.  She didn’t get to see the look on her mother’s face as she was married or have her by her side as she had children of her own…she was robbed of time…and birthdays, lots of birthdays!

I never got to meet my grandmother; sometimes I sit and wonder what she was be like, or how she would talk and the things we would do together and it’s sad that a disease took her from all of us far too soon!

When I was a teenager my great-grandmother (and the only grandma I ever knew) was taken from me by cancer.  All of these years later and I still can’t talk about it without crying.  Aside from my mother, my grandma was the most important person in my life, she was an amazing woman who I miss every single second of every single day.  I’m angry, angry that cancer took my mamaw away from me so soon, before she saw me grow into the woman that I am today, before she had a chance to meet my children who I know would have adored her as much as I did…I was robbed of my mamaw…and birthdays…so many birthdays!

We can do something about cancer, we can walk…walk to raise money for cancer research and walk for a cure!  I love this vide from the American Cancer Society…it’s beautiful and meaningful and something that you definitely have to see!

Put your running shoes on and let's join the Relay for Life and walk for a cure!

Disclaimer:  “This post is sponsored by the ACS…all opinions are my own!”


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