Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still show Mom that she rocks as much today (and every day) as she did on her special day!  That goes hand in hand with my post last weekend on

One of the things that I cherish most are the memories I have of my children from birth to their current ages; I have baby books and locks of hair and every single masterpiece that they’ve ever drawn for me…my filing cabinet is overflowing with memories!  Of course, even with the current state of my filing cabinet, it’s extremely important to me that I save the mementoes from their childhood so that one day when they’re older I can pull them out and sit and reminisce with my kiddos!  My husband however, is not too fond of the idea as he sees little more than a filing cabinet filled with papers—men!  In an attempt to please my husband, I decided to sit down one day and go through the mountain of artwork, awards and Santa letters, but quickly found myself getting no where fast as every single piece of paper told a story about a specific time in my children's’ lives…it was hopeless.  And then I received a pitch that changed everything!


I was going through my email a couple of weeks ago, something that definitely needs to be done at present, when I found an offer to review a book called “For My Children: A Mother’s Journal of Memories, Wishes and Wisdom”.  I don’t normally do book reviews, mainly because I don’t normally have time to sit and read, but this one was right up my alley and I cannot wait to share it with all of you!

“For My Children: A Mother’s Journal of Memories, Wishes and Wisdom” is a book, but one where you tell the story! 

““For My Children: A Mother’s Journal of Memories, Wishes and Wisdom” is a beautifully designed and illustrated book with creative prompts that will spark Mom’s recollections of fun family vacations, favorite games, and special holiday traditions.”

One of my favorite things to do, when I remember, is fill out my children’s baby books, of course there is only so much room and baby books don’t generally allow us moms (and dads) to add extra things like memories and advice and all of the good stuff that we sometimes want to include…needless to say I was pretty psyched about reviewing this book!






When I received “For My Children: A Mother’s Journal of Memories, Wishes and Wisdom” I immediately sat down and flipped through the pages; it didn’t take long before the beautiful illustrations and thought provoking prompts inspired me to write.  The first day I received the book I sat on my back patio and as I watched Lil Man and Lil Diva play I filled some of the pages with memories, advice, life lessons and heartfelt observations…it was almost therapeutic!  

It didn’t take long before many of the pages were filled with all of the things that I want all of my children to know about life, love and growing up.  I found myself laughing, reminiscing and even doing a little bit of crying which I truly did not expect, but they were good tears of times gone by and lessons learned and children growing up happy and healthy! 


I often sit and think about the things that I want my children to take with them as they get older;  the lessons that I hope they will learn the easy way, the pitfalls that I pray they do not encounter and the memories of a childhood full of laughter and amazing times and with the “For My Children: A Mother’s Journal of Memories, Wishes and Wisdom” I can easily put all of those things in one place to save for when my children get older.  I’ve done hundreds of product review and I can’t honestly say that I enjoyed any of them as much as this one; I love the opportunity to express my feelings and have been a closet journal writer for years so the idea that I can have a place to put everything that I want to pass on to my children is one that I love!  This is the perfect gift for every mother (new mom’s would probably love receiving it too) and grandmother… get For My Children: A Mother's Journal of Memories, Wishes and Wisdom on Amazon!

Disclosure:  I received the product mentioned above to facilitate my review…all opinions are my own!


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