Monday, April 23, 2012

You may remember my posts about my visit to Revitalize MD Med Spa and Laser Center, and you may recall me telling you about my experience with YOLO Curve,
well this post is all about that and if you stick around until the end you might just find an awesome giveaway for one very lucky Misadventures in Baby Raising reader!


As I mentioned in my previous posts I visited Revitalize MD because my awesome friend Debra asked if I wanted to come check it out.  I knew that I would have an awesome time on my visit if no other reason than I would finally be meeting Debra, but when I met all of the awesome ladies at Revitalize MD I knew that it was definitely a special placed filled with professionals who take their jobs seriously and know how to give an unforgettable spa experience to their clients!  I can’t mention my visit to Revitalize MD without again thanking all of the ladies who helped make my visit an experience I won’t soon forget, y’all were instrumental in helping this Mom of four forget about everything and have a great day at the spa…thanks y’all, you have no idea how much I truly needed that!

Now, let’s talk about YOLO Curve!  If you’re not familiar with what YOLO Curve is then let me get you up to speed!

YOLO Curve is a lipolaser fat reduction machine that will seriously make you rethink the way you look at lasers and losing fat!  LipoLaser Fat Reduction uses an innovative low level lase designed to specifically address problem areas and create a healthier you!  Using advances in laser science, this technology can target fat cells and shrink them with no pain, no surgery and no downtime!  In relaxing 20-30 minute sessions you can now lose inches in minutes!

How YOLO Curve Works:
Using Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), the YOLO Curve mimics the body’s natural metabolic process to provide a painless and non-invasive alternative to surgery.  During each treatment, the YOLO Curve’s laser energy safely penetrates your skin at a specific wavelength targeted for adipose cells—otherwise known as fat cells.  These adipose cells are permeated, releasing their triglyceride content so that the body may utilize them as an energy source.  As the adipocytes release these triglycerides into circulation, their size diminished, resulting is inch loss and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.  
I have to admit, I was very hesitant about the idea of a laser shrinking fat cells; I had all of these thoughts of crazy looking machines, lasers burning into my skin and having to lay naked on a table as the treatment was being done and seriously ALL of that was completely as far from what YOLO is as you can get!  When I went in to have my consultation the staff was very quick to explain exactly what the YOLO Curve treatment consisted of and what I could expect and by the time my consultation was over I was much less hesitant about having the YOLO Curve treatment done.  Aside from my crazy fears I was also skeptical of how well one YOLO Curve treatment actually worked, I mean if there was actually a machine that could help you lose inches in minutes wouldn’t we all have one?

When I went into the room where the YOLO Curve treatment was done the technician Kellie who would be overseeing my treatment was quick to put me at ease and explain exactly what was going to be done and how—she made me feel very relaxed and completely at ease about  the treatment!  I have to mention at this point how awesome Kellie was, not only did she address all of my concerns thoroughly and in a way that I completely understood, she was simageo sweet and helpful that she honestly made the experience that much more enjoyable!    After Kellie explained the treatment process she took my measurements and honestly, the taking of my measurements was the most painful part of the process!  Once my measurements were recorded I laid down on the table/bed and Kellie began placing the 5 paddles that deliver the low-level laser onto my problem areas, the paddles are about  the size of a cell phone, the paddles are placed in an area for 10 minute intervals then moved after every 10 minute session, my session lasted 30 minutes so the paddles were moved to target different areas in my midsection throughout the treatment.   I chose to have the YOLO Curve treatment target my stomach since that is my most problem area, but the treatment can target virtually any area; stomach, legs, things, arms, and even on the neck area!   After the YOLO Curve treatment, you spend 10 minutes on what the technician referred to as “the shaker machine”, this is supposed to help with the process of shrinking and getting rid of the fat cells…I have to admit, this machine was fun and me on the machine, well that was even funnier…I took video of me having the treatment and on the “shaker machine”, but my oldest daughter refuses to leave my video equipment alone and somehow deleted all the videos on my Flip cam including those, but I do have the photos so you can kind of see how much fun I was having!


Having my measurements taken by Kellie before the YOLO Curve treatment.


This is probably the most unflattering picture I have ever allowed y’all to see, but there was really no good way of getting this pic, I was laying down and had a shirt on that made me look pregnant anyway, but I digress…it is what it is!  This is me during the YOLO Curve treatment!


Me on the “shaker machine” after the YOLO Curve treatment…you can see I’m having a blast!

Before having the YOLO Curve treatment I was skeptical about how well the machine would perform and if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I probably wouldn’t have believe it, but my 30 minute session produced a loss of 1 3/4 inches in my stomach area…seriously y’all in 30 minutes I lost nearly two inches!  I think everyone should have this done at least once, because honestly that is all it will take to make you a believer and though the $300 per 30 minute session price tag isn’t cheap, the fact that Revitalize MD Med Spa and Laser Center has the only YOLO Curve machine within a 200 mile radius and they still regularly see clients from all over Ohio and Kentucky who want the YOLO treatment, is a true testament to how completely awesome this machine is!  If you ask me…everyone should try this at least once in their lifetime!

Now that you’ve heard (and seen) what my YOLO Curve experience was all about, how would you like to experience the magic of a YOLO Curve treatment for yourself?  Well, if you’re local to the Cincinnati/Dayton area (and if you’re willing to drive to Springboro then I suppose anyone could enter) you could win a 30 minute YOLO Curve session from Revitalize MD!  Details and Enter below using the Rafflecopter widget!

One MIBR reader (you must be local to the Cincinnati/Dayton area or be willing to drive to Springboro, OH in order to win) will win a 30 minute YOLO Curve Sessionthis is a $300 treatment y’all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure:  I received the service mentioned above in order to facilitate my review…all opinions are my own and were not influenced by Revitalize MD Med Spa and Laser Center!


  1. I just started getting Yolk Curve treatment and have seen amazing results in only two visits. I am a mother of 5 and struggle with belly fat aka the muffin top. The doctor predicts I will need about 9 sessions. I am already seeing huge results and gaining my confidence back. With (3) 30 min sessions a week I will be back in my hot jeans in 3 weeks. We are taking pictures of my before and after at each session. Totally amazing results! Ty

  2. I am researching the YOLO laser treatment and had questions. Did the results last? How many treatments did you receive? What were the results? Did you loose a jean size? Was it painful? Was there bruising?


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