Tuesday, March 20, 2012

  I’ve mentioned numerous times how much my children love reading and as a parent, that’s something that I am so thankful that they have each found enjoyment from!  I remember being a little girl and reading a book and realizing that there’s so much about the world that I didn’t know and thinking how books were sort of like passage ways to other places, times, and adventures and that was just a completely awesome concept to me!

While I don’t do book reviews often, I do love letting all of you know when I find a book that I just love so much I can’t help but share—One Special Day is one such book!

One Special Day is a touching story filled with beautifully illustrated pictures of Spencer being, well, Spencer!  The book aims at teaching young children that even though things may change when you become a brother or sister, you are still the same you that everyone loves only more!  I honestly wish I had, had this book when Lil Man became a big brother for the first time, it would have been the perfect way of showing him that he was going to be just as awesome as a big brother as he was before he was a big brother!  Both Lil Man and Lil Diva loved this story and I loved that it was interactive; with prompts like, “tall as a” and then a picture of Spencer with a giraffe, it was the perfect way for them to interact as I read!


The author, Lola M. Schaefer is the author of more than 200 children’s books.  Her book Frankie Stein was awarded the Children’s Choice Book Award and the Mockingbird Award.  The book was brilliantly illustrated by author-illustrator Jessica Meserve.

If you’re currently expecting, or plan on adding to  your family down the road, this book is a great way to spark a conversation with younger children about becoming a brother or sister and even if you’re done adding to your family (as I am) it’s still a touching book that sparks conversation and inspired imagination!

Here’s a little something from the author:

Questions: Discuss why you wrote this book in a few sentences.
Book ideas come from a deep place within the writer. Sometimes we don't write the story as much as the story demands to be written. Since I think that children are amazing and their ability to adapt to life's changes is phenomenal, those beliefs drove this story. I think that young children's compassion and gentleness is sometimes overlooked. I was hoping that ONE SPECIAL DAY would show how willing brothers and sisters are to welcome and accept a new sibling with love and attention.
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