Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One of the best things about living in southern Ohio in the springtime, is spring thunderstorms (I love them) of course, the spring thunderstorms also happen to be one of the worst things about living in southern Ohio in the springtime!  I’ve suffered with sinus problems all of my life and it seems that no matter how old I get, or what preventative medicine I take, I almost always get severe sinus headaches when a warm or cold front comes in, especially during a springtime thunderstorm. 
Waterpik SinuSense Lockup 

My mother, who has also been a long time sinus problem sufferer, introduced me to the idea of sinus cleansing as a way to prevent sinus headaches; I have to admit, I was not instantly sold on the idea of shooting water up my nose.  Of course, my mother assured me that it wasn’t nearly as heinous as I imagined and hesitantly I tried it and realized that I should have been doing it a really long time ago! 
Since I’ve started regular sinus cleanings, I can tell a huge difference in the severity of the sinus headaches I get; before my headaches came on strong, lasted for hours, and in most cases were unresponsive to medicine, but after routine sinus cleanings the severity of my sinus headaches was much less intense than they had been in the past. 

Since I normally do clean my sinuses I was psyched to get to try out  the Waterpik® SinuSense™ Sinus Rinse Water Pulsator

The Water Pulsator from Waterpik, is designed to gently massage, clean and moisten your sinusSinuSense_Pulsator_NewPhotoShot_Flat (2)es with a gentle pulsing stream of water.  The Water Pulsator, reduces allergy and cold symptoms to provide users with an added layer of protection from sinus related issues. 

Features of the  Waterpik® SinuSense™ Sinus Rinse Water Pulsator :
*  SoftsSeal nozzle provides a comfortable, custom fit
*  Gentle pulsating water flow and no-slip grip
*  Cordless, runs on 3 AA batteries
*  Easy to clean

I’ve used the  Waterpik® SinuSense™ Sinus Rinse Water Pulsator several times since it arrived and I have to day that I really like it.  I can tell a huge difference in the allergy and sinus headache symptoms that I have when I’ve used the product recently and when I haven’t.  I do still have sinus and allergy problems this time of year, but they are nothing like they were before beginning regular sinus cleansing.  I’m really excited to see how the Waterpik® SinuSense™ Sinus Rinse Water Pulsator performs in the longrun for me—I’ll keep you all up-to-date with my results!

If you’re looking for a sinus cleansing device you can check out the Waterpik® SinuSense™ Sinus Rinse Water Pulsator online or at Walmart and Walgreens!  And because I love helping all of you save money…you can get a $5 off coupon for the Waterpik SinuSense here so grab yours today!
You can also check out the Waterpik Facebook Page and Follow Waterpik on Twitter and even check out the Waterpik YouTube Channel for more product news and savings offers! 

Disclosure:  I was compensated for this post as part of the Waterpik campaign I participated in with GigCoin.

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