Saturday, March 3, 2012

It’s really late and I’m extremely tired after a very stressful trying day, but I wanted to make sure that I did what I could, even if only asking for prayers, for the people affected by yesterday’s destructive and deadly tornadoes!

I’ve spent the entire day glued to The Weather Channel tracking tornadoes headed my way.  On my way to McDonalds to get breakfast yesterday, the radio stations were all talking about the strong storms and tornadoes that were making their way to the Ohio Valley (where I call home) and I instantly went on high alert!  Moscow-tornado-damage

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It’s not very often that we have tornadoes in Southern Ohio (as a matter of fact I can’t say that I remember there being a tornado here since I’ve been alive) but that doesn’t mean that we don’t spend nearly all spring worried about the possibility and dealing with strong storms and damaging winds. 

From 3 P.M. until nearly 7 P.M., me, my husband, our kids, my mother-in-law, my sisters-in-law and their kids sat starring at radar images and listening to meteorologists talking about Tornado Emergencies (something that a local weatherman admitted he had never seen issued in his 23 years as a weatherman).  At one point we were all in my basement; crying, worrying, and listening to the rain beat the side of the house and the wind rip through the trees. 

We were extremely lucky that we made it through the storm with no damage and no tornado in our direct vicinity, sadly, that wasn’t the case for some of the tri-state

Parts of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio experienced tornadoes yesterday and one of those places, Moscow, Ohio is very close to home!

Moscow, OH is about 45 minutes North West of where I live, I’ve driven through it on my way to Cincinnati more times than I can count and tonight 80% of the town is severely damaged or demolished! 

I know that many families lost their homes, belongings and in some cases even loved ones, in yesterday’s storms, but having a tornado hit so close to home was really an eye opener!  It really makes you realize how important and valuable the time we spend with our loved ones really is!

I hope that each and every one of you will keep the people affected by yesterday’s tornado outbreak in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana in your thoughts and prayers…and if you’re in the position to help there are many people in need!


  1. Prayers to all those affected by yesterday's weather. Living in Oklahoma, we unfortunately know how destructive tornadoes can be.

  2. Thank you and be safe this spring...Oklahoma is no joke when it comes to tornadoes...I feel for y'all!


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