Sunday, February 12, 2012

Between basketball practices for the kiddos, running my live-in brother-in-law back and forth to work and a husband whose schedule doesn’t always fit mine, week nights are always a mess around here!



Try as I might I might, I don’t always get everyone to the table at the same time for a meal and that usually means ordering out or heating up something quick.  Of course, having an dinner schedule that’s constantly up in the air, I don’t often get the chance to slow down and make a week night meal special, but with a little help from Bertolli and a little creativity I created a special meal for my hubby and I in no time!

Bertolli very awesomely sent me two FREE product coupons for Bertolli Meal Soup to take care of the dinner portion of my special meal, that left me to come up with a creative and was way to make my Bertolli Weeknight meal special!Bertolli_Soup

I started by getting a sitter for the kiddos then I scoured the house for candles…umm no candles in the entire house, so I was creative and used my warmer (which is very decorative and also casts a little light that’s oh so special and very charming).  Our dinner table is rather large so I decided to serve dinner for my husband and I at the bar (or island) in the middle of the kitchen; it was small enough to be cozy and perfect for the ambiance I was trying to create!  The last detail was the soup; when I think of soup I think of something that takes all day to create, but Bertolli has made it super simple to have an amazing, homemade inspired soup any night of the week…in minutes! Bertolli’s Meal Soups come frozen and with just a few minutes and a cup of water these delicious creations are ready to eat!   It literally took less than 15 minutes for the soup to be ready to eat and it was amazing!  I chose Bertolli’s Chicken Minestrone for Jamie and I, but there are so many delicious and easy Bertolli Meal Soups to choose from!   Jamie couldn’t get over how good it was and I couldn’t believe that it took less than 15 minutes to prepare…that scored it big points in my book!



With Valentine’s Day falling on a week night this year, Bertolli’s Soup is the perfect ingredient for a quick and easy Valentine’s Day dinner in front of the fireplace or just snuggled up beside the one you love at the kitchen table!

And I also thought it might be helpful if I gave you my top 3 tips for making weeknight (or any night) meals more special!

#1.  Make sure you’re surrounded by those you love!  I mean what’s more special than family?

#2.  The little things matter!  I always try to make dinners special by including a dish that everyone likes into every meal or by making sure that I have rolls and butter on the table for my carb loving hubby!

#3.  Slow down!  It’s never easy for us moms to slow down and enjoy the simple things, but it’s possible and it’s so important that we take a little time to ourselves!

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Disclosure:  I was compensated by Bertolli to participate in the Weeknight Meal Special Challenge.


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