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When we moved into our house in March one of the first things that I noticed was how much I disliked the kitchen.  I wanted to change it almost immediately, from the floor to the countertops it all needed a major overhaul, but I realized just as quickly that a major overhaul would have to wait.  My husband and I decided to wait until this fall to begin renovations on our kitchen and I am so happy that time is almost here! 


I’ve been planning the kitchen renovation for several months, and now that the time is finally here I’ve realized that the grand plans that I have on paper do not match our budget.  As a result of my champagne taste and beer budget I’ve had to get creative!


Among the many other upgrades that I’ve wanted for my kitchen are granite countertops, but unfortunately my budget doesn’t have that kind of room.  Thankfully several weeks ago I was introduced to a company that helps make gorgeous kitchen countertops a reality for a fraction of the cost—Giani !


If you’ve never heard of Giani you’re in for a treat!  Giani offers their customers complete paint kits that give drab, boring, ugly countertops the look of Italian granite for a fraction of the cost!  Giani has a great selection of color kits to choose from including Sicilian Sand, Bombay Black, and Sapphire Blue. 


Recently I had the chance to review one of Giani’s granite paint kits and I was beyond excited to finally have an affordable alternative to new countertops.  since I wanted to get the technique down and really know what I was doing on a real surface I decided this past weekend to update an old Ikea desk that had definitely seen better days—I was shocked at how easy the application was and how gorgeous the finished product was! 


About the Sicilin Sand kit:


  • Unique blend of polymers and minerals create a   countertop that locks out moisture - while showing off the beautiful Sicilian granite of southern Italy!
  • image
  • Great for upgrading Formica*laminate, Corian*ceramic tile, butcher block, cultured marble and traditional granite countertops and vanities
  • Covers 35 square feet or 16 running feet of standard 24" wide counters
  • Quick, fun and easy 'paint-by-number' process  for beginning painters

Project time - 4 hours of painting and 16 hours of drying

  • Water-based safe and low odor
  • Hides any existing stains, scratches or burns
  • Granite color is adjustable to your decor
  • Durable automotive grade clear polyurethane topcoat
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Complete Kit  -
        -12 Oz. of IronCoreTM Primer-Base Coat
         - 6 Oz. of Brown Feldspar Mineral
         - 6 Oz. of Inca Gold Mineral
         - 6 Oz. of White Limestone Mineral
         - 16 Oz. of Automotive Polyurethane Topcoat
         - 6" GIANITM roller arm and two roller pads
         - 4" GIANITM granite paint sponge
         - 2" Foam Brush
         - Black Practice Poster Board
           - 'Paint-by-Number' DVD for beginners
         - Illustrated Instructions


I decided that this is the type of project that you really need to see to believe the results, so I did a step-by-step photo story to show you the process from beginning to end.





The before:  An old Ikea desk that was being used as a catch-all in my daughters’ room.




After the 2nd coat of black primer




Step 2—Brown Feldspar Mineral. 




Step 3-Inca Gold



Step 4—White Limestone




The finished product—I love it!


I cannot tell you how easy this look was to create and for $69.95 it’s an amazingly easy and affordable way to update even the most hopeless countertops.  I can’t wait to use this kit on my kitchen and I will definitely keep you all updated on our progress!


Buy It!


You can purchase the Giani granite kit above (or any of the other gorgeous kits) online at the Giani website!


  1. I really love your article! I made this at home! It looks amazing!

  2. Wowzer that is nice!! Thanks for the step by step photos. I am thinking of trying it out on an old desk,do the top to get rid of the brown I have now, and brighten it up and give it some class.
    Thank You for the review


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