Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It’s been hot in Ohio this summer…I mean HOT!  While summer might normally mean tons of fun outside, the higher the mercury climbs the more my kiddos are staying in doors where it’s cool. 




Of course, having 6 children stuck inside on a hot summer day means hearing lots of, “MOM, we’re bored!” and the ever popular, “There’s NOTHING to do!”.  It’s not always easy to find something that all 6 of the kids like to do and it’s even harder finding something that will keep their attention for more than 10 minutes, that’s why I was more than happy when I received Glow Crazy for them to review!


If you’re unfamiliar with Glow Crazy let me give you the low-down on this wicked cool toy!


Glow Crazy is a glow-in-the-dark drawing toy that has provided my kiddos with hours of fun so far this summer.  Essentially Glow Crazy is a Magic Lightwand (think Lightsabers for kids that they can magically draw and write with) that your child can use to write and draw on the provided canvas wall clings.  When I say that this thing is cool, I mean it, even  my husband and I have played around with Glow Crazy (when the kids weren’t looking of course).  All you need is a dark room, batteries, and a wall…and your little ones will be drawing until their hearts content! 




What you get when you order Glow Crazy!


1 Dual-action Magic Lightwand

2 canvas wall clings

4 Stencils

Tip booklet


And for less than $6 more you can get a second magic lightwand

5 canvas wall clings

AND  4 more stencils


Some cool features of Glow Crazy!


Works from over 10 feet away!

You can draw and write freehand or use the provided stencils!

You can easily make silhouettes!

Make wide beams or thin beams!

Target practice has never been more fun!

Discover a new form of Tic-Tac-Toe…Tic-Tac-Glow!


Why we loved Glow Crazy!


I love Glow Crazy because it’s easy enough for my youngest children to play with and still fun enough for our oldest kiddos to have a good time.  I also love that there is absolutely ZERO mess involved and that the wall clings can be easily moved from one wall to another without damaging the paint!  Glow Crazy is also a great way to inspire creativity in your children and as a mom I love that about this “toy”!


What I Don’t Love About Glow Crazy!


Honestly, there’s not one bad thing I have to say about the product…my children LOVE it and I love that they can all have fun playing with Glow Crazy.  The one thing I would suggest to all of you mommy and daddy’s out there is to make sure you order enough Glow Crazy’s so that you have one magic lightwand for each child.  I was sent one Lightwand and it has been a constant battle between the older kids and the little kids over whose turn it is to draw.


Aside from the fights over the Lightwand I would buy Glow Crazy in a second for all of my kids, they all have a great time playing with it, it definitely sparks major creativity, and it’s an awesome alternative to video or computer games or television!


Buy it!


You can purchase Glow Crazy (which includes all of the items listed above) from the Glow Crazy website for $24.99!


*I received the product mentioned above for review purposes, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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  1. Awesome, I think it would be nice tool to help the kids with their letters and numbers.


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