Thursday, July 21, 2011

My kiddos love getting dirty!  Whether it’s from playing hard outside all day long or from digging in the dirt for hours on end, they love dirt!  And while  buckets and shovels are cool and lots of fun to play with, sometimes having something unusual and new to play in the dirt with is just pure awesomeness and HandTrux are the coolest in sand/dirt digging accessories this summer!


Not sure what a HandTrux is?  From the HandTrux website:


HandTrux IS ALL ABOUT the kids. Inventor Ernest Autumn Van Den Heuvel reveals thoughts on his brainchild. According to Van Den Heuvel, there is nothing that brings him more joy than to see a child's face light up when presented with the HandTrux model. Van Den Heuvel tells the story of one such occurrence: he had taken to carrying a small stock of the recently released HandTrux Backhoe toys in his truck so that he would be able to give them to any families he would happen across. One day, Van Den Heuvel says, he was stopped at a gas station when he encountered a distraught-looking boy and his father. Van Den Heuvel, wanting to cheer the boy up, went up to the father and explained that he was a toy inventor and would like to give a toy to the child. The father, who was amazed to be meeting the inventor of the toy he had heard so much about, readily agreed. Van Den Heuvel describes the awe and joy on the boy's face as he is presented with the HandTrux Backhoe. The boy knew how it worked and excitedly thrust out his arm so that Van Den Heuvel could slide the toy on. "Daddy?!" the child asked, and at his father's nod he began to play immediately. There was no longer a trace of his earlier sorrows. "That is my favorite thing," says Van Den Heuvel, about the simple joy of seeing amazement glowing on a child's face.

The HandTrux line is designed to unleash a child's imagination. Van Den Heuvel feels strongly about the importance of expanding the creativity of young minds. In this day and age, where video game consoles dominate the children's entertainment market, Van Den Heuvel fears that kids are being taught to pigeonhole their minds into the world that the game produces for them. They cannot think beyond the dimensions of these digital, pre-made universes. Van Den Heuvel believes that the mind is a precious thing, deserving of respect and honor; creativity is something to cherish and nurture. With HandTrux, kids make their own world to construct or excavate in. There are no limitations to how wide or far the imagination stretches a universe, and that is just how it should be.

We were sent a HandTrux toy last week to review, and I was barely able to get it out of the box before my son and youngest daughter were arguing over who was going to use it to dig in the dirt first.


What I like About HandTrux!

I love that my kiddos (especially the lil ones) had a blast playing with the toy.  I also like that Lil Man and Lil Diva can be so creative while they’re playing with the HandTrux toy, while the toy is clearly designed to dig, my kiddos have managed to come up with some very unique and creative ways to use it…and I love that!

What I don’t love about HandTrux!

They are kinda hard to use.  I tried using the HandTrux toy before my little ones and it was not easy.  Between my wrist being uncomfortable using it and it being extremely hard to operate it just seemed rather difficult and uncomfortable to use.  That didn’t however, prevent my youngest kiddos from having a blast with it digging in the dirt!

And right now through September HandTrux has a very cool contest going on that you might want to check out…details below!

Beach + Summer Vacation + Kids = Sand Castle Contest! HandTrux Toys just announced the 1st Annual “You Can Really Dig It” Sand Sculpting Contest starting now through September 2011.  We encourage families to build their wildest, most imaginative sand sculptures and submit their photographs.  Winners will be chosen across all age categories and announced on September 30, 2011.

•    Take pictures of your prized sand sculptures
•    Submit your photographs to
•    Open to all US and Canadian residents. 
•    Photos will be judged by creativity and originality. 
•    Vote for the winner at:
•    Prizes awarded include: cash, gift certificates, autographed HandTrux Backhoes and other really cool prizes.

Follow along on the Facebook, Twitter, and the HandTrux Toys website to see who you’re up against as a new “King/Queen of the Sand Castle” will be posted weekly.  “Come On & Get Dirty - You Can Really Dig It!”


You can purchase HandTrux online at the HandTrux website!


I received the product mentioned above for review purposes…all opinions are 100% my own!


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