Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You may remember back a few weeks ago when I worked with the WB Word of Mouth on a campaign for Supernatural, well I’m working with them again and this time it’s Supernatural the Anime Series that’s coming to DVD/Blu-Ray and you are NOT going to want to miss this!62a6da83ec_Set


As always we receive a prompt related to the show, this time is no different, and the prompt this time is…


After being separated for years, the Winchester brothers come together and surmount enormous obstacles (including some pretty gnarly demons) in search of their father. Throughout the show, family and brotherhood specifically is a very important theme. In fact, it is often the key element that saves each brother’s life when things get the most dangerous. How has family been there for you in moments of crisis? Do you have a brother or sister that you would stand alongside and fight demons?


Well, while my family is not as close as we once were (and that’s a post in itself) we are still always there for each other when it’s needed most.  There’s never a time that I can remember when my mother or sister haven’t been there for me when I really needed them. 


On the flip side of that I’ve also been blessed with an amazing mother-in-law who I love like a mom and who has always been there for me and my husband whenever we’ve needed her. 


Growing up my sister and I were pretty close, and though we’ve grown apart a little as we’ve grown older there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for her, and I’d like to think that she feels the same way about me.  That said I would gladly stand beside her and fight whatever demons came her way…that’s just what family does…right?


Do you feel the same way about your family?  Is your family as close as the Winchester family? 


And don’t forget, you can order your copy of Supernatural: The Anime Series on DVD or Blu-Ray here today: !


“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Supernatural: The Anime Series on DVD/Blu-Ray."


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