Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I love Bath &Body Works, truthfully, there are few things I like more than B&BW! My latest obsession at Bath &Body Works (among many, many others) is their PocketBac hand gel sanitizers! If you’re familiar with the PocketBac’s then you already know what I’m talking about; they’re convenient (you can easily attach them to your handbag, diaper bad, or back pack), affordable (LOVE that), and so darn cute! I also really appreciate that they are available in a variety of wonderful scents, my newest favorites are S’MORES and Apple Pie!

If you love Bath &Body Works and their PocketBac Hand sanitizers as much as I do then you’ll definitely want to check out the very cool contest they they have going on in honor of the PocketBac hand sanitizers!

Bath & Body Works has inspired a clean hands craze with its custom collections of pocket-sized anti-bacterials that started with Bac-2-School PocketBacs that launched last year. The design contest puts the power of personalization in everyone’s hands, giving fans one more way to make PocketBacs their own.

Bath &Body Works is giving fans the opportunity to put their own spin on the brand’s iconic PocketBac Hand Gel Sanitizers with the myPocketBac Design Contest. Bath &Body Works is inviting consumers to log on to to customize their Bath &Body Works PocketBac labels through June 9th.

The winning designs will be chosen by fan popularity, allowing Bath &Body Works customers to select the design that will end up on shelves. New winners will be selected this month AND next month, doubling their chances to win.

If you have a knack for creativity, love people admiring your work, and adore Bath &Body Works PocketBac’s then what are you waiting for…head on over to the PocketBac website and submit your design!


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