Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yesterday as I was looking back through past posts trying to find something I came across so many posts that made me smile, laugh, and even cry and that’s when I realized that something has been missing from Misadventures for a very long time…ME!!!!


Alright so I won’t get all, “We’re switching things up around here.” on you, but I will say that I most definitely plan on getting back to what I love most and that is talking about the craziness that is my life, because come on how can a grumpy husband, 6 badass kids, and 1 crazy BIL not be good for bloggy business!


So I think I’ll start right now!


It’s been forever since I’ve written a post about my children that didn’t include them testing a product for me (I know, I know…bad mommy) but the conversation between Lil Diva and I tonight was too cute not to share!


For those of you who don’t know about Lil Diva, she’s my youngest child and at 2 she’s a handful, Lil Diva is also extremely bossy and very matter-of-face, she says what’s on her mind and that’s just all there is to it.  One of our neighbor’s has a son (we’ll call him T) Lil Man’s age (almost 4) and he has a thing for Lil Diva and well all kind of thought that Lil Diva had a thing for him too, but we found out tonight they may not be the case at all lol.098


Lil Man:  Mom T said that sissy is beautiful.

Me:  Well Lil Man sissy is beautiful.

(During this part conversation Lil Diva just stood in the middle of the trampoline listening)

Lil Man:  Well, nope I’m gonna kick his butt!

Me:  Now Lil Man that’s not very nice, he didn’t do anything to you.

(At this point Lil Diva climbed off of the trampoline and walked over to where we were standing)

Lil Diva (arms crossed with a disgusted look on her face):  Mommy T said my was beauful! 

Me:  You are beautiful Lil Diva!

Lil Diva (clearly not happy with my response) NO MOM my not beauful…my Kin Kin!

Me:  Well yes your name is Kin Kin but you are very beautiful too!

Lil Diva (stomping her feet in protest):  My NOT beauful mom my Kin Kin.  Come on Bub Bub let go kick his butt!


And that ladies and gentlemen is the first in what I imagine will be many, many run ins with the opposite sex for Lil Diva…Lord help me!

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  1. How cute. What a gorgeous picture of her too.


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