Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When our family moved into our current home this past February we knew immediately that we wanted to buy it, we fell in love with nearly every aspect of the home and its location.  We also knew, almost as quickly, that we wanted to lease the home for at least a year before purchasing allowing us to find out if the home truly was the one for us. 
Since my husband and I have a while to make up our minds regarding the home and whether or not we would like to purchase it, I’ve decided to put that time to good use and find out as much as I could about buying a home so that when we finally decided to buy we were fully prepared.  One of the first areas that I looked into was security, no not that kind of security, the kind that comes from having your house properly inspected before purchasing.  My ex-husband and I bought a home early on in our marriage and decided to go with the cheapest inspector and that decision ended up costing us money when issue after issue that should have been detected by the inspector was not.  While researching home inspectors I came across some information about something that I wasn’t familiar with, but that made complete sense…home warranty’s. 


I’m not sure why the idea of a warranty for our home had never crossed my mind before, honestly I kind of assumed that warranties where for cars and electronics, but once it did I knew it was something that I had to look into if we were going to buy the home that we currently live in.  I also discovered that a home warranty is pretty much the same thing as other types of warranties, a home warranty often covers the cost of repairing or replacing  many of the most frequently occurring breakdowns of home system components and appliances, this is something that I definitely wish I had known about when I owned my first home.   I found several companies that specialize in home warranties, but the one that caught my eye was American Home Shield.  I really love that their website is very user friendly and that everything you need to find out about home warranties and home warranty inspections was right there, not having to dig around to find that information was a huge plus!  Within a matter of minutes I had discovered what a home warranty was, why I needed one, and how easy it is to actually get one for our home.  I also found that I could easily get an Ohio home warranty, which is a pretty nice thing to know considering I’m a resident.

I can’t tell you how relieved I was to know that there is an easy, affordable way to protect my home and family from unforeseen repairs and breakdowns down the line if we do decide to become home owners within the next year.  And whether we decide to take the plunge soon or hold off a while longer, it’s great to know that there are companies like American Home Shield to help insure that our biggest decision is also our smartest! 


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