Monday, May 23, 2011

I love to shop; and lately finding the best deals on the products that our family uses daily has become an obsession for me.  With money tight, there’s really nothing better than knowing that I’m getting the best possible deals on must-have items.  I’ve seen many websites that promise to help you save money by comparing prices for you, but I’ve never come across a website that offers comparison pricing on must-have items, an interactive shopping community, the ability to post product reviews and so much more…until I found!image

As I mentioned above, I love finding the best deals, and having a go-to website where you can quickly  and easily find the products that you are looking for and in an instant compare the prices to find the best deals is a definite plus for me.  At you can instantly search the site for the most recent Bargains and Hot Deals so you can quickly see if your favorite stores have any killer deals that you just can’t miss!  

I spent a while playing around on, I registered for an account, uploaded a photo, and filled out some profile information, all in less than 10 minutes and then I was on my way to search out the best deals!  One of the first stores I searched was Hot Topic (a favorite of mine and my step-son and oldest daughter) and within seconds I found the latest Hot Topic coupon codes (score)!  Next up I decided to try to find some great deals on a few of my favorite shoe stores, the first I came across was Footlocker, which is a favorite of everyone in the house, but especially my husband who has a major shoe obsession.  Naturally I tried my luck at finding Footlocker coupon codes and found a ton of coupon codes, including a code that will save me 20% off an order of $75…that will definitely come in handy for the new cleats my daughters need for softball!  I also quickly found a few great coupon codes for another of my favorite stores, Old Navy, and I’m loving that getting the best prices and saving money is as easy as point and click!

With every penny being pinched, saving money is a big priority for me, and I really appreciate that there are websites dedicated to helping people save time and money…every little bit helps!  If you’re big into saving time and money (and come on, who’s not?) then definitely check out!



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