Monday, May 23, 2011

It seems that lately time has been moving at warp speed; I look  back through my photos and realize that not too long ago my youngest (Lil Diva) was a tiny baby with colic who cried constantly and thought sleep was overrated… and I thought  that I would never survive that situation.  Thankfully Diva grew out of it and mommy finally got more than 2 hours of sleep at a time, but time is still flying!

I remember my husband Jamie and I frantically searching to find baby cribs on sale right before Diva was born, I swear we searched everywhere for a crib that we liked that didn’t cost an arm and both legs, before we finally settled on a convertible crib that we knew Lil Diva would get the most use out of.  I remember definitely having to sell my husband on convertible cribs, he’s stubborn ya know, but it didn’t take much convincing once he realized that we wouldn’t have to buy Diva a new bed for a few years.  When we brought Lil Diva’s crib home it was like it was all finally real, she was coming whether we were ready or not! 


Nearly three years later, wow it really has been that long, I look at Lil Diva’s baby crib sitting in our bedroom (where she still sleeps) and know that it’s only a matter of time.  Before long Lil Diva will be in a toddler bed, and then in a twin bed, and then in an even bigger bed, until finally she’s sleeping in a bed that she bought, in her own bedroom,  in her own home probably staring at her daughter’s baby crib dreading the inevitable much like I am right now.  And while part of me does find comfort in knowing that it will be a long while before Lil Diva moves out, gets married, and has a daughter of her own I can’t help but want my littlest baby to stay for as long as possible!  And that baby crib in our room, well let’s just say that Mommy intends on keeping it a crib until Lil Diva demands a big girl bed…and knowing Lil Diva that day is not far off!

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  1. same here, I got the crib for keeps, and my little one loves it too, aside form being pinks which is her favorite color, she puts her toys on the crib and sometimes play in there


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