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Hey y’all!  I hope everyone is enjoying the “What’s HOT For Summer” event so far, we still have lots of great products to feature and a ton of stuff to give away so you definitely won’t want to miss a single day!  I had a bit of a rough weekend, but I’m back renewed, feeling better, and thinking positive thoughts…so on with the show!



Summertime means time for sandals and flipflops and sandals and flipflops mean mani/pedi’s are on the minds of most of us ladies right about now!  Now I love getting my nails done, but I do not love the prices that most salons charge to do them, thankfully there are many great nail care products out there that allow us ladies to look fabulous without paying the high salon prices, and one of my favorite nail care brands is Broghese.  I only recently decided to let my nails grow out again, I seem to have issues keeping them at a length that I can work with while still having them look the way that I want them to look, so far I am very pleased.  Since I’ve decided to let my nails grow out I’ve bought every single brand of nail polish known to man and while there are a few that I like and use regularly, Borghese remains my absolute favorite! 


If you’re not familiar with Borghese allow me to acquaint you with the company, it’s a very interesting and quite charming story!


From the Borghese Nail Care website:


Princess Marcella Borghese, the founder of the Borghese cosmetics line, was a woman of vision.

In 1942, Marcella Fazi married Prince Paolo Borghese, Duke of Bomarzo. Although raising two sons and engaging in charity work filled most of her days, the Princess yearned to channel her energies into her own career.

Aristocratic Italian families traditionally commissioned their own cosmetics and skin creams. The Borghese family's own secret beauty recipes incorporated fruits, flowers, plants, herbs and other natural ingredients. Marcella used these formulas to create her own line of lipsticks, eventually developing an entire line of cosmetics.

Inspired by the natural therapies of her favorite spa in an ancient town in Tuscany, Marcella created one of the very first spa skincare lines. These holistic skincare formulas combine the healing properties of Tuscan mud and mineral waters with soothing natural botanicals into revitalizing treatments that deliver the beautiful results of spa treatments... at home!

Borghese Nail Care continues the tradition, combining the finest natural ingredients with the most advanced scientific technology and the beauty and elegance of Italian fashion. image

I told you it was charming!  As I mentioned above Borghese is one of my absolute favorite brands of nail polish so I was very excited when I discovered that I would be reviewing a few of the shades from their Rapido line!  Borghese Rapido is a fast drying nail lacquer that goes on amazingly smooth, looks flawless once applied, and lasts for days longer than most polishes (at least this is my experience).  Borghese Rapido is a favorite of mine for many reasons:


*  Gorgeous shades:  with names like Maraschino, Limoncello, and Violetta the Rapido line has so many to choose from that the hard part will be choosing just one shade and sticking to it.  (FYI, just in case you were curious, my absolute addiction right now is Maraschino!)

*  It shines and looks amazing even without a top coat probably because it’s infused with micro-tube technology to deliver continuous time-released shine & Vitamin E.

*  The Duale Curve Tip hugs the curves of your nail ensuring flawless application.

*  It’s NOT tested on animals and doesn’t contain Tolulene, DBP or Formaldehyde.


I have used other formula’s of Borghese nail lacquer in the past, but I instantly fell in love with the Rapido line, it dries super quick which is amazing for a busy mom who doesn’t have all day to wait for her nail polish to dry.  I also love how well the lacquer coats and how amazing it looks, it honestly doesn’t need a clear top coat to look shiny and smooth…it just is!  Of course if you need a top coat Borghese has that as well, their Presto Fast Dry Top Coat is amazing!  My favorite thing about the Borghese Rapido line is that is seems to last so much longer than other nail polishes, and that is a big selling point for me…I don’t have the time, energy, or patience to redo my nails every few days and I really can go a little longer than a week with this polish without chipping…LOVE it!  The long wear time makes Borghese Rapido a perfect choice for toes this summer…just a suggestion!


Buy it!


Find out where you can pick up a few bottles of Borghese Rapido (and you simply must try the Maraschino…the polish, not the cherry) on the Borghese Nail Care website.  FYI I buy mine at Rite Aid if you have one close by stop in and check out the latest Borghese Shades!


*I received the above products from the company or the PR agency in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.*


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