Thursday, May 5, 2011

When it comes to shopping for my children I admit that it's more than a little challenging.  With different age ranges, styles, and personalities it’s nearly impossible to shop at one store and find things that suit each of my kids.  Of course, after several hours of running around from store to store or even mall to mall I’m ready to give up all together and just shop for all of their clothes at a mass retailer.  Thankfully there are still some clothing stores that meet all of my needs and all of the demands of my children.

While driving around from store to store may not be my cup of tea (or even possible anymore with gas prices the way that they are) shopping online is perfect and one of my favorite places to buy clothes for my kids online is Tea!  As I mentioned before it’s pretty hard to find one clothing store that meets all of my needs, but Tea has something for everyone, from baby clothes to gorgeous dresses for tweens you can always expect to find something fabulous and fabulously made!  We’ve been fans of Tea since we discovered it a while back, I love their clothes and what’s even more amazing is that my kiddos love it too and that never happens!

Even though my children are getting older and developing styles that are distinctly their own it’s nice to know that there are still places that I can shop that do offer a little something for each of them.  I can’t tell you how much time, money, and sanity it has saved me being able to shop for them all in one place, trust me when I say that I know that it will not stay this way for long, but until things change I can at least take comfort in the fact that Tea will be there ready and waiting to outfit my kids.


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