Friday, May 13, 2011

My children love to read; whether I’m reading to them, they’re reading to each other, or they are just sitting quietly on the floor with a book making up a story of their own, they all love books!  Thankfully I’ve had the opportunity to review a few great books for Misadventures, and one of the most recent is one that I think your little ones may enjoy called Rocket Town!




About Rocket Town…

In this fun departure from the traditional board book themes for boys, Bob Logan’s Rocket Town tells the story of an astronaut and his canine companion as they drive an old pickup through Rocket Town—an amazing town filled with, yes, rockets!

Each colorful spread is bursting with an eye-dazzling array of rockets, from big to small, fast to slow, practical to extremely silly—a taxi rocket, a police rocket, a school bus rocket, and even a rocket that looks like a shark!  The final pages are a countdown to blastoff that is sure to thrill young readers.

Author and illustrator Bob Logan has worked as a story artist on feature animations such as Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Madagascar, and Open Season.  Logan’s picture book, The Sea of Bath, charmed readers with fun and sweet illustrations, and Rocket Town will delight parents and children alike with colorful and imaginative rockets!

Lil Man was instantly intrigued by Rocket Town as soon as he picked it up and was eager to have me read it to him.  I loved watching my son’s face as he scanned each page, becoming more and more fascinated by rockets with each turn of the page.  The illustrations are absolutely amazing and that fact was not lost on my 3 year old as he pointed out to me over and over how “cool” the rockets were!  What I was most impressed with however, was how easily Lil Man seemed to memorize the story, after reading it twice he pretty much knew the whole story page by page.  I was absolutely amazed when my son took the book from me and read it to me, yes, my 3 year old read Rocket Town to me, at least 10 times.  Though Lil Man seemed to enjoy each page more than the last, his absolute favorite part was the countdown to blastoff at the end…so cute to watch him and Lil Diva countdown as loud as can be at the end of the book!


Buy it:  You can purchase Rocket Town (ARV $7.99) at and on Amazon. 


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