Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It’s almost too sad to even say, but summer is almost over.  I know, I know I’m not too thrilled about it either.  But even though summer is about to give way to fall that doesn’t mean the awesome summer parties have to stop, right?  As a matter of fact, I still have one more great category of my Summer 2010 Must Haves to get through…a Rockin Labor Day Party!  So be sure to stop by all this week and check out the awesome products to help make this Labor Day your best yet!
I love this time of year, the heat and humidity are all but gone, yet it’s still warm enough to take a dip in the pool!  One of my families’ favorite things to do this time of year is a Family Picnic.  I love being able to pack up a nice lunch, grab some fishing pools, and a blanket and head out to our favorite picnic spot at our local recreation park!  That’s why we are giving you our list of the best products to make your Labor Day picnic or party a success!image
I’m sure you would agree that one of the biggest issues with picnics is being able to keep food cold.  You can take the cooler, but sometimes you need something a little more compact, like the Ice Orb.  Now this product is without a doubt one of my favorite products for 2010 and in just a moment you will see why, but first a little background on the Ice Orb!  The Ice Orb (made by fusionbrands) is the first vertical ice tray; it makes, chills, serves, and stores!   
Ice Orb…what’s it all about?
  • Makes 21 cubes of ice on a vertical wall
  • Stores up to 51 cubes - airtight and odor free
  • Chills wine and other beverages in a bottle
  • Use as a cooler to keep cold foods fresh while serving
  • Use lid under orb while serving to catch condensation
  • Spill-proof design
  • Dishwasher safe - top rack only
  • 6" diameter x 5" tall
Pour water into the outer container of the Ice Orb and freeze
Several hours later…you have ice
Store ice in the outer container of the Ice Orb…also doubles as a unit for keeping food and drinks cold
Alright I cannot say enough good things about this product…I absolutely love it!  Aside from the fact that it’s the first vertical ice maker, it’s different, versatile, and fun!  I love that you can make 21 cubes of ice and store them in the middle container while you make more.  The only negative thing I can say about the Ice Orb is that it is a little difficult to get the outer ring (containing the ice) off of the inner container after the unit has been frozen (something the step-by-step directions that come with the Orb does tell you).  I have found that if you let the Ice Orb set out at room temperature for a few minutes or run it under a little hot water it’s so much easier to open the Ice Orb. 
One of the other features of the Ice Orb that I really like is the middle container which can be used to chill almost anything; a bottle of wine, water, dips, chilled deserts…and that is what makes it the perfect product to take with you on your next Family Picnic!  Fusion Brands makes all kinds of unique, fun, and functional kitchen gadgets so make sure you check them out…they have fast become one of my favorite companies!
Buy it!
You can purchase the Ice Orb online at for $16.00…it is so worth it!

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  1. That's really neat - we have an ice maker in our fridge, but this would be great for parties and the cooler.


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